What Are the Best Plants to Grow Indoors?

According to psychology, the color green symbolizes nature and safety. Its frequent association with the environment bore out the idea that green is refreshing or soothing. Hence, if you ever want something invigorating indoors, you need to add some greens. The simplest way to add color and life in your house is by growing plants indoors.

Aside from being used as an ornament in your home, placing a plant indoors has a physiological and emotional benefit to humans. It creates additional oxygen for human consumption, reduces emotional stress, and many more. If you are redecorating and want something that serves a purpose, then consider using indoor plants.

However, not all plants can thrive indoors. Some plants need the maximum amount of sunlight, while some need space to grow. Think of it like this: a plant placed inside a cemented box with an iron roof will be limited when it comes to the intake of natural nutrients. Thus, you need a plant that requires a minimal amount of resources to stay alive while indoors.

Snake Plant

You have probably seen one of these plants since it is a pervading species. Snake plants usually have elongated leaves that resemble the shape of a sword. The banding in the leaves resembles a snakeskin, ergo its name. These plants are low-maintenance and can survive droughts and lower light levels. It also filters out unsafe chemicals like toluene and xylene.
Snake Plant


This plant is commonly used in offices and restaurants. Dracaenas are tall plants with elongated thin leaves. Like the previous kind, this plant needs minimal effort to maintain. However, it is advised to keep dracaenas away from direct sunlight. Another benefit of this plant is that it purifies the air by removing chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene.

Rubber Tree

If you are looking for something that has an exotic vibe, then this is the plant for you. The Rubber tree is a tiny plant that has oval-shaped leaves that are shiny and soft to the touch. Rubber trees need a kind amount of space. This plant can survive drought rather than overwatering it. It is best to place it in bright light though it can also thrive in lower light levels.

Spider Plant

Spider plant resembles a puffy make-up brush, but with thin, elongated, green leaves. This plant is best placed in higher elevation to optimize the structure of the plant. It favors bright light and dislikes direct sunlight. Regular watering of this plant is also advised, as it droops in time. Spider plants are fierce air purifiers that filter out formaldehyde and xylene.


The Pothos are usually placed in offices and bathrooms. When it grows, it has a trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves. This plant can be grown in soil or a vase with water. This plant does not like direct sunlight but can thrive in low light levels. It propagates well, so you can use its cutting to grow a spare. It also works as an air purifier filtering out nasty chemicals.

ZZ Plant

If you are in the mood for peculiar-looking plants, then the ZZ Plant is for you. It is a medium-sized plant with shiny leaves that you will instantly love. The ZZ plant can also last a once-a-month without watering because of the rhizomes under the surface of its surrounding potting mix. It can be an endearing housewarming gift that represents friendship and wealth.

Bird’s Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern resembles the Spider Plant. The difference is that the former has ripple-edged fronds and has a yellow-green colored leaf. It is better to place this plant in higher elevation. This plant needs indirect light and filters out chemicals found in household toxins. Hence, this plant is usually placed in bathrooms.

Peace Lily

If you have successfully looked after other indoor plants and want to step up your game, you might want some Peace Lily in your house. The Peace Lily requires more effort and attention as the plant needs to stay moist most of the time. However, if you are allergic to pollen, this plant is not the best choice.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is a popular plant in the hair industry. Besides this, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. On the other hand, it also looks good as an ornament in your living room. This plant requires low maintenance as long as you put it in sunny areas and water it once in a while.
Aloe Vera

Cannabis Plant

Besides the conventional indoor plants, you can experiment by growing a Cannabis plant. Apart from its traditional purposes, it can relieve chronic pain, alleviate anxiety, and many more. However, this plant requires tons of attention. Ergo, you can check out GreenBudGuru’s guide to growing indoors to know more tips about growing Cannabis plants.


You do not have to buy expensive furniture to complete your desired aesthetic in your space. All you have to do is remember to add some greens in your home. Not only will these plants look great on your top shelf, but it also has a positive emotional impact on the body. If you remember to take care of it, it will also take care of you in return.

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