Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets


There are many options out there when selecting your kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is one of the centerpieces of a home where you and your family will spend a lot of time. It is also a place to set the tone for your home decor. Thus it is important to choose the right kitchen cabinet.

In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to choose the right kitchen cabinets for your home.

1. Kitchen Style

Cabinet doors are the most stylish designs in any kitchen. The scheme of the kitchen color and the style of the kitchen should complement the kitchen cabinets. Narrow your choices to make it easy to settle on one particular choice. It is also paramount to consider the existing decor of the kitchen and if you anticipate making any changes. 

2. Door Style

Your cabinet door is the most visible part of the cabinet. There are a variety of cabinet door designs you can choose from. Kitchen cabinet styles that are quite popular include modern, traditional transitional, and contemporary cabinets. For framed cabinets, the doors and drawers can be placed as an inset or overlay.

Flat cabinets are preferred for modern kitchens. For a slick and attractive design, handleless cabinets are the best. The general style of the house should be considered before choosing a cabinet style.  

3. Type of Wood

Choosing the type of wood for your kitchen cabinet is very crucial for its function and durability. Consider a wood that is durable and gives you value for your money such as white oak wood. The most common wood used for cabinets is solid wood. 

4. Finishings

The appearance of the kitchen is enhanced by the cabinet finishings. Coming up with a natural look, calls for solid wood use. A stained, finished, and painted solid wood can be used. 

Decorative finishes like distressing, glazing, or crackle bring a decorative look to your kitchen. Lighter cabinets are easy to clean. If you prefer bright-colored kitchen cabinets, white oak kitchen cabinets are a good option.

5. Beauty and Function

Another factor to consider is the beauty and function of kitchen cabinets. You have a variety of choices when choosing new cabinets. For instance, some choose to have several drawers under their countertops instead of shelves and add pull-out shelving. 

After deciding on the type of style, there are many ways to add personality like decorative or textured glass doors. Aesthetics aside, ensure that the cabinets are functional for your needs. Consider the type of items you need to store. 

6. Cabinet Hardware Choice

Cabinets are a very crucial part of the kitchen interior, so it is good to select the correct hardware. It is important to select the correct handles, pulls, and knobs to bring a stylish and beautiful touch. There are several ranges of styles, finishes, and colors. The hardware choices are crucial in enhancing the kitchen’s beauty and style.

7. Childproof Measures

If you have children, consider ways to childproof your kitchen. This is because they can get into places that are not safe for them. Several items in the kitchen are not safe for children to play with. Childproofing should be a key element in the design of your kitchen cabinets for people with children or wards.

The face frame style cabinets are attractive but remember the prying little hands in your house who can go anywhere they like. Open shelving cabinets are not the best for young ones. 

Similarly, you may prefer soft-close style drawers for your kitchen. This drawer makes it possible for your young ones to get their fingers trapped in the drawers as you shut them. These drawers are designed in such a way that they can close normally until about 1 inch to shut. After they can slowly and safely close themselves in full.

8. Lighting

It’s fashionable to use under cabinet lighting in your kitchen. LED light strips are fitted underneath your wall-mounted cabinets that are not visible. When turned on, you get a spectacular warm glow that illuminates your kitchen and makes it feel homely. 

LED under cabinet lighting allows you to select whatever color you like. You can create an interesting interior design style with colored under-cabinet lighting that contrasts with that of your cabinets and countertops.

Under cabinet lighting are costly, but this should not deter you from lighting up your kitchen. The correct lighting can make a drab space look attractive or a chic space look dull, so be careful when using under-cabinet lighting, both aesthetically and practically.

White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The special appeal of white oak kitchen cabinets is that they tend to remain appealing and strong after several years of use, an initial investment will prove more than worthwhile. With the white oak cabinet, you can choose a traditional look or get a sleek and modern kitchen.

With the tips above, we hope you are with sufficient knowledge to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen.

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