Top 5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Mattress!


Signs Its Time To Change Your Mattress 3

An average human spends 26 years of his life sleeping, which might look like a lot to digest, but a serene and deep sleep is necessary to keep us up and to run throughout the day without exhaustion or other health issues. Without proper rest, a person might have to deal with strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, headache, depression and much more. 

Although numerous factors come into play when in the case of sound sleep, the most crucial role is the comfort of the mattress you are sleeping on. If you wish to wind down after a rough day, only a comfortable mattress can give you what you want to recharge yourself. There are only a few other elements in your house that have such a significant impact on your health and peace. 

The average lifespan of a mattress is around 6-7 years, but since it is just a general guideline, you should know when to replace a mattress. This blog post will look for the most apparent signs of wear and tear and understand how frequently you should change your mattress. 

The following are some typical indicators you should watch out for when you decide whether or not to replace the mattress:

Saggy Mattress

Signs Its Time To Change Your Mattress 1

This is one of the easiest-to-identify signs that tell you it’s high time to get rid of the mattress and buy a new 4ft double mattress if you have been sleeping on a mattress with clearly visible signs of damage and disrepair. When checking for damage to your bed, keep an eye out for the following typical signs:

  • Big or small lumps throughout the mattress.
  • Clear imprints of your body (for example, you know where your right knees rest at night because of the imprint).
  • Sagging at any place on the mattress.
  • Any asymmetry (for example, one side of the mattress looks lower in height compared to the other).

If you see any of the signs mentioned above, you should change your mattress as soon as possible and buy the best 4ft double mattress from an online website with quality mattresses and furniture items. 

Your Bed Makes Noises

Does your bed make your night awful because it keeps groaning, popping or cracking with your every movement? That’s a clear sign that you must buy a new super king-size mattress. A bed in its pristine form should not make noise, regardless of how you move, jump or slither throughout the night. 

If you own a mattress with coils and springs, they can become noisy after a couple of years of use as the spring starts to become loose, and the inner structure of the mattress becomes wacky. However, if your mattress is springless or coil-free, but your bed still creaks, you should get a super king-size mattress as soon as possible.

You Always Wake Up With a Back Pain

If you haven’t been involved in any strenuous exercise and if you don’t have any medical history of muscle soreness, then the mattress might be blamed for your awful morning back pain. Some of the most common signs that make your mattress the obvious culprit are: sore low back pain, neck pain and a pinching sensation in your joints. 

In addition, keep tabs on the fading routine of the pain. If the back pain goes away by afternoon or evening and resurfaces in the morning, you need to invest in a new 4ft by 6ft mattress. 

Increasing Asthma Attacks and Allergies

Mattresses are notorious for acting as a hub for every type of allergen possible, especially when it is too old and hasn’t been cleaned. If you notice increased asthma attacks in your family members or if you wake up every day sneezing and with red eyes, the mattress might be triggering these attacks and allergies. 

Needs Too Much Cleaning

Did you know that, on average, a human can release almost 2 litres of sweat every night? Well, this might sound too much to digest, but it’s true, and since mattresses are pretty good at absorbing moisture, there is no question about where all the sweat goes.

This is why it’s important to clean mattresses frequently, but it’s a negative indicator if you keep washing them more regularly and are still dissatisfied with the outcomes. The older the mattress is, the more difficult it becomes to clean. 

Signs Its Time To Change Your Mattress 2

Wrapping Up!

Sleeping on a worn-out and old mattress with imprints and dirt is not only unhealthy but can interfere with your sleep as well. So look for the signs mentioned above and change your mattress if needed.

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