A Definitive Guide to Every Kind of Wood Used To Make Furniture!


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“Which wood would be best for the furniture pieces?” If you are refurbishing your house or building a house from scratch, this might be an easy question for you to answer, but by the look of things, it might seem like a breeze. 

The answer to this ‘simple-looking’ question depends on how you will use the furniture and your budget. Apart from the quality of the wood and the type of furniture made, the process used in making the furniture also plays a crucial role in deciding the price level of the wood you are currently considering. 

Since furniture is the most important element of your house and you will own the pieces for at least 8-10 years, it becomes imperative to choose the best wood; otherwise, your furniture will only last for a while. To make things easier for you, we have developed this definitive guide to discuss everything you need to know about the wood used to make furniture.

A List of Different Types of Wood Furniture

If you are going to contact wood suppliers, the two most common types of wood furniture you will come across are solid wood and manufactured wood. Solid wood includes hardwood and softwood, while manufactured wood is engineered from synthetic and real wood. 

Solid Wood

This type of wood is derived from lumber; therefore, it is the most pristine form obtained directly from a tree. The most common types of solid woods you are going to find in the market or while digging through wood suppliers are:

Hard Wood

It is the density that differentiates hardwood from softwood. Hardwood is usually a lot denser than softwood. Hardwood is also costlier than softwood since it takes time to grow the tree from which it is derived. Hardwood belongs to the premium quality wood used to make furniture. 

Soft Wood

As stated above, softwood is less dense than hardwood and is always derived from coniferous (or evergreen) trees. This type of tree proliferates; therefore, you don’t have to pay much for softwood, especially when you compare it with hardwood. 

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Manufactured or Engineered Wood

They are not solid woods since they are made by combining synthetic materials and natural wood but still, they are used widely in furniture-making. The two most common types of manufactured wood you must be aware of are- particleboard and plywood. You can search for a wood yard near me on Google and find manufactured woods there. 

Some Most Common and Popular Types of Wood Used for Making Furniture

Maple Wood Furniture

Furniture made from maple wood belongs to the world’s list of best furniture. Many types of maple wood are used to make furniture, but almost all have a long lifespan and are used to create aesthetically appealing furniture pieces in a wood shop. One of the best things about maple wood is that it is entirely free of toxins, and that’s why it is even used for making kitchen cutting boards and other items. 

Cedar Wood

Another common wood type that you are going to find in a wood shop near you is cedar wood. But since cedar wood is a bit soft, it is not used to build indoor furniture but to make different outdoor furniture items. The one thing that makes cedar wood ideal for outdoor furniture is its great weather-resistant feature. 

Oak Wood

Oak wood is another highly durable wood used to make kitchen and flooring furniture. Oak is also one of the most beautiful and natural-looking woods, but it can also turn yellow over time. Oak is considered an ideal wood for furniture because it is inexpensive, looks gorgeous, and lasts longer than the average wood.

Mahogany Wood

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This one is one of the most exquisite and common woods used to make furniture. It belongs to the lightweight category of wood, but it has the durability of maple and the strength of oak wood. Most people who search for a wood yard near me and explore wood options think of mahogany as reddish-brown, but it is also available in lighter colours. 


Since each piece of furniture has its price, function, and features, the best wood for the furniture differs from the best wood for other types. Examine each sort of furniture wood that we have included in this blog post, and then decide which is best for you based on your needs, budget, and how the furniture will be used.

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