Should You Buy Split System Air Conditioning or Ducted Air Conditioning?



Deciding between a split system air condition and a ducted system can be a difficult choice to make. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. The appropriate air conditioning system will largely depend on the size of your home as well as your preferences. In this post, we will give a brief overview of the two different systems while also determining which one is best for your space.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning is an air conditioning system that consists of separate cooling units. This is most commonly seen in homes that have individual wall units to cool their space. This air conditioning system is great for smaller homes that don’t have as much space that needs to be cooled.

One major advantage of a split system is that you can keep one unit on and another off. If one of your rooms is too cold, you can always walk into the other room that doesn’t have the air conditioning unit running.

Split System air conditioning units are more affordable than a ducted air system. They also are easier to install in comparison to a duct system. However, they will not be as energy-efficient, and are not the best option if you’re trying to cool a larger space.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems


A ducted system is best for larger homes that need to be cooled efficiently. Having a split system in a large home can lead to some areas of the house being warmer than others, which can lead to the air conditioning units having to work twice as hard to cool the large space.

A ducted system has vents that run throughout the house and will cost-effectively cool the entire home using less energy to cool a larger space. While this is the superior option, it is also the most expensive. Ducted systems are more difficult to install and require greater maintenance. However, they are the best option for efficiently cooling a larger space.


Having gone over the two main types of air conditioning systems, it has become clear that a ducted air system is the most energy-efficient and powerful system available. However, it isn’t often necessary for smaller spaces where a split system could get the job done just fine. If you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system, consider calling the team of heating and cooling experts in Melbourne at Service Today. With years of experience serving the Sydney area, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of service. Their heating and cooling professionals can help you pick the right air conditioning system that will work best for your home, and can perform a fast and efficient installation. With the hot Melbourne summer quickly approaching, there’s no better time to upgrade your air conditioning system.

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