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Ideas To Decorate Scandinavian Kitchen Design

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about getting your Scandinavian Kitchen designed? Most people think of contacting an interior designer and getting his opinion. However, if you plan to use one of the beautiful Scandinavian kitchen designs, you can use your own creativity as well.

Basic design theme of Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen are not overstuffed in any manner. They have a basic but very appealing layout. White is the central shade used for most of these kitchens. It is a fact that most people find these kitchens dull as a lot of bright shades are not used. However, according to people who get Scandinavian kitchen made, even white is a bright shade. Here are some ideas for designing a Scandinavian style kitchen.

Wood, white and black in a warm mix Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source By Poppy Talk

White Minimalist scandinavian kitchen sydneyImage Source By Dan Kitchens

small nordic kitchen

Elegant Scandinavian Kitchen Interior DesignImage Source By DecoHolic

Refectory table with bench scandinavian kitchenImage Source By Period Living & Titchmarsh Goodwin

Elegant white Scandinavian Style kitchen with skylightImage Source By Kitchen Architecture

Gorgeous copper pendant on dining tableImage Source By Harvey Jones

light and white Scandinavian style kitchenImage Source By Coco Lapine Design

Kviks Danish U Shaped Scandinavian KitchenImage Source By Kvik

Scandinavian Style Black and White Kitchen Design

Use the same theme for kitchen as the other rooms in the house

In a Scandinavian styled home, all rooms have the same overall theme. Hence, the kitchen would have the same overall theme as the lounge, bedrooms or dining area. For instance, if light brown, light green or any other soft shade has been used with white in any one room, it would be used in all the other rooms as well. For a Scandinavian kitchen, the color combination needs to be very creative. If you look at the conventional color combination of these kitchens, you would figure out that white has been used as the base color. The other colors that are used to give a good contrast are black and gray. However, some people who are in love with the blue color replace the black or gray shade with a darker shade of blue.

scandinavian Kitchen and bedroom with stairsImage Source By Pikcells

Small scandinavian kitchen with raised panel gray cabinets and light hardwood floorsImage Source By

Kitchen of Scandinavian stylist with mint green cabinets and a marble countertopImage Source By Residencestyle & Petra Bindel

Great Swedish Kitchen Design Marvelous White Wall CabinetsImage Source By Fab You Bliss

Casual scandinavian rustic kitchenImage Source By Elle Decoration

The use of open shelf instead of close cabinets

Scandinavian kitchen usually give a very spacious feel even if they are constructed over a small area. Instead of using closed cabinets, a single open shelf is used so that the kitchen can have a spacious feel.

Simple White Scandinavian KitchenImage Source By Jackie Brown

scandinavian kitchen with a drop in sink, flat panel black cabinets

scandinavian kitchen designAbove 2 Image Source By Studio Cuvier

kitchen with black Shaker style cabinets highlighted by Carrera countertops and white subway tilesImage Source By TX Construct

scandinavian kitchenImage Source By Home-Designing

Scandinavian Kitchen stylist Home Of Johanna BradfordImage Source By My Scandinavian Home & Johann Abradford

Grouped upper cabinets with leather pulls

A group of cabinets on a narrow side wall instead of individual cabinets on the main wall would actually save a lot of space. Most people who construct Scandinavian kitchen do use this concept. They use grouped cabinets so that their storage requirements can be met without the use of a lot of space. Along with that, using leather pulls is also a part of the Scandinavian kitchen design. These leathers pull prove to be very convenient as well as stylish.

modern blue kitchen

leather pulls cabinet Scandinavian kitchenAbove 2 Image Source By Entrance Makleri

The final touches with a herringbone wood floor

There is no doubt that the floor matters a lot when you are designing a kitchen. If you are going with the Scandinavian style, the herringbone wood floor would do it all. With the white base color, black shades, gray shades and even dark blue, this herring bone floor would generate a superb impression. Along with that, if herringbone is not within your budget, you can use something that is more economical but looks similar.

Herringbone Wood Floor white brick Scandinavian KitchenImage Source By Remodelista

wishbone chair black Herringbone Wood Floor Scandinavian Style KitchenImage Source By Nordic Design

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