A Brisbane 1920s Inspired Home Is Going Viral On Reddit

Just when everyone thought early 20th-century look has been put to timely rest, Australian photographer Nicolette Johnson dug it up and brought it back to the limelight. Johnson’s pics of her Brisbane home went viral on Reddit within hours, and for a good reason: clean, chic, and creative, this decor masterpiece embodies coziness and sophistication, and each of the pieces Johnson used to replicate the feel of bygone times came with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

Desk Space For Dreaming Awake

Nature meets clean lines in this little Scandinavian inspired home office. With a large succulent perched in an oversize dimmed-glass bottle, a sheepskin casually thrown across the chair, and a handful of potted plants overlooking the desktop, this is a perfect backdrop for every would-be writer to come up with a riveting plot for their next story. The feathery dream catcher is a perfect finishing touch evocative of wild, unexplored lands and half-forgotten folk tales.

small office space proper organization

small office space proper organization in Bedroom

Boho Inspired Seating Area

Add a touch of boho-chic to a plain seating area following in Johnson’s footsteps. With art paintings and ethnic-inspired accessories crowded on the wall, this casual living room looks fit for a queen and king of fine living. Brass candelabra can be used as an eye-catching table centerpiece, contrasting tastefully against dark-hued fabrics and ethnic-inspired throws. A dark wooden table with soft varnish will pair nicely with retro furnishings, creating a classy focal point in the room.

1920s apartment Living Room Wall Decor Blue Sofa

A Brisbane 1920s inspired home pets on furniture living room plant and bookshelves decor

Vintage Kitchen Revamped

Vintage furniture can add a nostalgic feel to your home: simply throw in a wooden cabinet in the kitchen and line the shelves atop it with clay pottery and quaint-looking bowls. This cute corner looks as if it was transplanted straight from a Swiss cottage, and the odd potted plant further emphasizes the unity of interior design and nature.

kitchen storage ideas

A Whiff Of Nature In The Kitchen

Plants thrive in this cute little kitchen: foliage tumbling down over the sink adds a note of freshness to the minimalist sink area. Organic details and potted plants love humidity, so if you cannot fit them elsewhere in your apartment, you might as well plop them along the windows in the kitchen.

mini hanging flower pots near window A Brisbane 1920s inspired home

Minimalism In Broad Daylight

The minimalist dining area in this charming home balances out multitude of visual details in the living room and kitchen. The barebones look stands out on the décor scale but it does not compromise the apartment’s retro feel. With table, chairs, and flooring made completely out of natural materials, the sun-lit dining room is functional yet homely.

wood flooring for dining room

Wake Up In A Flood Of Light

The bright bedroom with a low bed offers a similar contrast to the visually richer desk area, and macramé and Delftware-inspired artwork on the walls complement blue linens and natural vibe of the boudoir. If you want to recreate this laid-back feel in your master bedroom, though, installing panel track blinds may be a good idea, at least for privacy’s sake. For an impression of added space, you can follow Mrs. Johnson’s lead and add a mirror next to the sleeping area.

bohemian bedroom decor

A splendid work done there, Mrs. Johnson! This amazing décor is a true well of design ideas for proud homeowners. Has your home gone dull with wear and tear? Feel free to borrow inspiration from this cool apartment! You are welcome.

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