Bright Nordic Style Apartment By Laura Seppanen

In the tumult of this life that goes 100 miles an hour, I need peace. In this beautiful interior pictures, I found this peaceful Scandinavian apartment.

Home tour follow themselves but do not look alike. I like to be able to show interiors with completely different styles. The common point between all: they remind me of an emotion.

When I discovered this Nordic Style Apartment pictures, I felt a great fullness. I find that this decoration is very peaceful. We can not notice the Scandinavian spirit who happens to be the basis of this beautiful Finnish Interior. And yet certain patterns and the deep blue that comes up often reminds me of the Mediterranean houses.

Soothing does not mean boring. The living room is lively with more colored patterns, the kitchen of plants and accessories.
The colors are soft, but many used prints occupy the space. Simplicity that reminds me personally of calm and well-being.

The object that you should remember: the living room carpet is simply beautiful. This pattern is light and dress up the ground whit delicacy
The idea not to forget: At times you need few colors to make an apartment pleasant.

Design By Laura Seppanen
Photography © By Pauliina Salonen

Marble Kitchen Bolw

Small Plant, Vintage Radio Decor on White Cabinet

small white shelves for wall

Living Room Sofa Pillow and Wall Decor

hanging boxing gloves and small plant

Bright Nordic Style Kitchen and Living Room Apartment Interior By Laura Seppanen

white small kitchen cabinets design with wooden floor

kitchen open shelves near dining table

Nordic Style Bright Bedroom Design

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