7 Surprising Benefits of Using Portable Sewing Machine

You are here, reading this because of two reasons: either you are about to start your journey in sewing, or because you have heard about the benefits of portable sewing machines, and wondering whether it is actually worth the investment.

We have covered all your doubts in this article. For starters, portable sewing machines are compact handy equipment that is much less expensive than traditional bulky sewing machines. These machines are replacing the need for traditional sewing machines, making sewing tasks a lot easier for you.

However, when you are finally convinced to make the purchase and exploring the models, my advice is that you must read as many reviews online as possible. To begin, you can start with a comparison between two famous portable sewing machine models.

Reviews are real-life customer-based experiences, completely unbiased, and really helpful. There are certain things, especially about machinery, that cannot be learned just by looking at specifications. You need to listen to people with first-hand experience.  

Below, we have rounded up 7 surprising benefits that will help you comprehend how sometimes a traditional bulky sewing machine can be a waste of money, and why you should buy a portable sewing machine instead.

1. Affordable and cheap

The number one benefit of a portable sewing machine is that it is very affordable. But this alone can’t be the reason why you are investing in a portable sewing machine.

Most people use portable sewing machines when they detect a small tear or defect in their clothes. Then rather than discarding your clothes or seeking a tailor’s services, fixing them at home seems more rational as well as satisfying.

But this is not a one-time thing because you don’t wear clothes just once, you wear them every day of your life and these problems keep reappearing. A one-time investment like a portable sewing machine can help put a plug into all these problems.

Portable Sewing Machine1

2. Space efficiently

Traditional sewing machines, due to their bulky nature, need a separate space in the house solely dedicated to them. People with limited home space find this difficult.

On the other hand, portable sewing machines are extremely space-saving, as their mini and compact nature allows them to be placed anywhere. Corner of your cupboard, behind your bookshelf, or even at the top of your dresser.

3. Learn Effectively

Most people reading this, I am sure, are not sewing experts (including me!). We are beginners, and so here’s a piece of good news for all of us: Most portable sewing machines are beginner-friendly.

For people who are planning to learn sewing, portable sewing machines should be your first step ahead. It is not only much more effective than traditional sewing machines but is also easy to use. So, go ahead and experiment with your creativity.

4. Energy efficient

When we talk about energy, I am speaking in terms of both, physical labor that you have to put in, and the electrical power that it needs.

Speaking about physical labor, it is much less than what you have to put in manual, traditional machines. On the other hand, the electric power consumption is also very less compared to the heavy-operated machines.

5. Different speeds, different needs

Portable sewing machines come with two speeds, fast and slow. If you want to operate at a high speed, choose fast. On the other hand, if you want to operate at a slow speed, as you are learning for the first time, or teaching a fresher, go for the slower option.

Portable Sewing Machine3

6. Work efficient

All of the above points will render useless if the stitches aren’t neat and accurate. But fortunately, that is not the case, the stitches are just as you want them to be. Plus, the compact nature helps you focus more on the accuracy, producing the best work.  

7. Easy maintenance

Although portable sewing machines are one-time investments yet sewing machines by nature need regular maintenance. Look at it as an operating expense. You will be happy to know that the maintenance costs are low. Plus, its parts are easily available and replaceable, which also plays a crucial role when it comes to maintenance.

Over to you…

By now, you must be able to create a conclusion in your head: whether or not you want to invest in a portable sewing machine. Go ahead, do what your heart says and if you are still confused, dig deeper or ask people who have already invested in these portable sewing machines. 

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