5 Unique Décor Tips To Spruce Up Your Living Space

The living room and other areas in your home that are considered living spaces play an important role. After all, this is where you and your family spend a lot of time together, relaxing, watching a movie, or simply socializing. 

When you’ve got guests over, it’s also usually in the living room where you welcome them. So, above anything else, your living room has to look well decorated, clean, and be representative of your home’s overall design feel.

If you feel your living room has been looking a bit drab, then it’s about time for you to liven it up. There are so many unique ways to decorate your living room so it can look and feel attractive.

Bring in some new life into your living room with these unique decorating tips:

1. Bring In Some Rustic And Farmhouse Flair

Take a look at your living room’s ceiling. Is it just painted white and looking flat? Among all the other facets in your living room that you can decorate, don’t forget your ceiling.

Apart from adding accent lighting fixtures, here’s another unique way to decorate your living room: bring in some rustic and farmhouse flair to your living room by adding wooden beams on the ceiling. The wooden beams can bring in more texture to your living room so it looks more well-thought-of and intentionally designed.

As a bonus, another way to achieve that rustic and farmhouse vibe is to put in a few signage and other wall décor from the Lizton Sign Shop or other trusted stores that sell one.

2. Change Your Sofa

This second tip might seem like an ambitious pursuit, given that sofas are quite expensive. But, if your couch obviously looks like it has had enough wear and tear, then perhaps it’s time to give it a break. If there’s only one thing that you can change in your current living room, choosing your sofa is a good way to make the entire space look new.

Choose a sofa according to the design or theme that you’re hoping to achieve in your living room. Then, you can later add throw pillows to make it look more put-together.

If you’ve got vintage or thrift shops around your area, don’t turn a blind eye to that marketplace. Who knows what gems you’re going to find that will help make your sofa unique and become a decorative feature of your home.

3. Go For A Colorful Light Fixture

If wooden beams aren’t your thing, or that styling feature doesn’t go well with the rest of your living space, there’s another part of your ceiling that you can change to spruce up your living room—your lights.

Rather than go for a boring, familiar piece, take your time to shop for something that might look a lot more interesting. For instance, if your entire living space is plain and white, you can add color to it by opting for a colorful light fixture.

Modern living room design.

4. Choose A Nice Area Rug

Area rugs don’t have to be dark-colored, plain, and boring. There are so many options of area rugs now that are better-looking than the usual styles. These come in all kinds of prints and colors, depending on how much color you’d like to introduce into your living room.

A nice area rug is a good way to put everything together in your living room. As its name implies, it sets the limit of the area considered as your living room, so it gives it shape and a touch of coziness. Beyond that, your area rug is also like the icing on top of the cake when it comes to making your living room look more put-together and cohesive.

5. Put In Some Plants

Lush leaves are in, and this is for good reason! Gardens aren’t just meant for the outdoors. Plants are actually a unique decorative piece because not many are comfortable enough to have them in their homes. But when you do, it adds more beauty to your living room.

Ever notice how resorts usually have a lot of plants? That’s because plants make a space look more alive. Of course, this isn’t to say that you need to turn your living room into a jungle. Even a few plants here and there are enough to decorate your living room.

Plus, plants can also purify the air in your living room, so it serves a dual purpose inside your home.


Did these décor tips make you excited to start making sprucing up your living room? Take it one step at a time as you make your way towards your home depot. You don’t have to overwhelm your living room with so many decorations all at once. Check to see what applies to your living room or what resonates with the design that you’re after. Soon enough, you’ll find your living room looking and feeling a lot better. And, you wouldn’t have to worry about guests thinking of your living room as dry and boring when they come over to visit.

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