The Benefits of Using a Drill Press

A good woodworker should have the right tools in their workshop. A drill press and a table saw are among the most important tools you should have as a woodworker. If you are an aspiring DIYer specializing in carpentry, these are among the top tools you ought to have. You will soon realize how these tools are useful to a lot of your activities with time. If you do not know where to get the best drill press, just check out on for the best guidance. Here are some benefits you will get with a good drill press.

Gives you Accuracy

When drilling, you do not want your pieces moving all over. You could easily mess up your furniture if you use a drill without having your pieces secured. Once you have your pieces securely mounted on your working area, you can then use your drill press to scour holes with ease and accuracy. The drill press gives you this space to securely place your working pieces preventing them from unnecessary movement.  

Saves Time

In addition to accuracy, you may need to drill multiple holes in your workpiece. A drill press enables you to achieve this without wasting too much time. You can set the drill at your preferred length and then drill continuously without having to readjust after every drill. You get to save a lot of time and energy.

Gives you Comfort

Woodworking is not as easy a job as it seems. Some of the jobs can be very tasking, especially if you lack efficient tools. You can set the height and the angle that you feel comfortable working. You can work while sitting or standing, depending on your preference and physical ability. The tool helps to reduce the stress on your back when working, preventing backaches. You never have to use your arm strength when working with this type of drill.

Drill Press2

Give you More Power

There are times you will need to work with tough materials like metal and hardwood. In such cases, using a standard power drill will not be as effective. With a press drill, you get more power and expend less energy. All you need to do is lower the drill bit to your working piece and let it do the work for you. With an ordinary drill, you get to use your body weight to apply pressure to the workpieces. You can easily damage those pieces if you apply too much weight to them. A press drill applies only the required pressure ensuring you have perfect workpieces. If you are working with plastic materials, you significantly reduce breaking them.

Adjusting Drill Speed

It is important to control the drill speed when drilling to have clean holes. Ordinary drills lack this feature and may give you some difficulties, especially when dealing with very hard materials like metals. Press drills allow you to adjust the speed of your drill in a way that you can lower it when drilling hard materials. 

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