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4 Wood Projects For Home Décor

Shopping for home décor can be costly, and you might not have enough budget available after splurging on a full-blown home renovation. If you want to take a budget-friendly route, doing woodwork projects can help you save money and create unique décor pieces that suit your taste.

Wood is a very versatile material. You can cut it into any shape you want, carve designs on it, and glue them together to create a beautiful house decoration. Wood pieces last a long time, and they never go out of style. If you want to incorporate timeless décor pieces into your house, wood pieces are the perfect option.

To help you create your own home décor, here are some of the best DIY wood projects.

1. Headboard

A wooden headboard creates a rustic vibe to the bedroom. If you want to make your room homey and relaxing, adding a wood element does the trick. You can buy wood planks and cut them according to your bed size using a power tool. You can either go for a simple minimalist headboard or cut up planks to make different shapes and sizes, then glue them together to create a single headboard. 

If you want to create an artistic headboard, you should use the right tools to help speed up the process. Several websites like The Edge Cutter can help provide various kinds of woodworking tools you can use for your home projects. 

2. Side Table

Wooden shelves with plants and decorative elements on light wall

A side table can serve as an accent piece in your living area, bedroom, and backyard. You can use an old tree trunk and varnish it to make it look polished and new. Moreover, you can also use spare wood pieces to make a tall and narrow side table for plants or vases. 

3. Address Placard

Decorating the exterior of your home is as important as the interior. A wooden address placard is a creative way to personalize your home and give the outside view a more rustic look. If you’re going for a farmhouse theme, a wooden address placard would certainly complete the design.

4. Hanging Shelves

Installing hanging shelves is an excellent idea if you need space to display your art, tiny plants, and other trinkets. They also make a beautiful statement on your walls. You can install a horizontal shelf or create different shapes such as triangles and squares to use as hanging shelves. 

If you want triangle or square-shaped shelves, you can attach your wood pieces using wood glue. You can also decide whether you want them hanging on a string or rope, or stuck to your walls. Hanging shelves will look good anywhere in your home. 

You can also choose to install hanging shelves on the entryway, kitchen, living area, bedroom, and even in the bathroom. If you’re planning to use them in the bathroom area, coat them with a waterproofing treatment to make the wooden material last longer. 


Decorating your home is always a fun activity, and you can make the experience more memorable by doing these easy DIY woodworking projects. Spice up your headboard, add statement side tables, install a welcoming address placard, and maximize your space with hanging shelves—you can let your creativity run wild. With the right tools and materials, you’ll be able to save money and create exceptional home décor pieces.

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