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What are Fireplace Doors and Screens and Which is Better for Your Home?

Do you have a fireplace in your home? It is necessary to have a door or screen installed for maintenance and safety purposes, however, these two are not entirely the same. These are oftentimes interchanged and do not have similar functions. We have listed in this article the differences between the two and convince you that the better option is to have handmade fireplace doors than the screen.

Differences between fireplace screens and doors

Differences between fireplace screens and doors

Fireplace screens are those attached with protective mesh and composed of frames that are made out of metal to separate the fireplace area from the room. The mesh is usually made from either the commonly used perforated metal or the manually woven wires. On the other hand, fireplace doors are created with material such as glass and are very much sturdier compared to the screens. Unlike the screens, it is guaranteed that the smoke coming from the fireplace will be less likely inhaled by the people in the room when using the doors rather than the screens due to the small holes present in them. 

The pros of fireplace doors and screens

The primary purpose of both components is to protect against the heat of the fireplace because it may pose a potential danger to the family if they are directly exposed to the fireplace. The most vulnerable ones to the danger of the fireplace are the children and they might come close to the area if you are not physically guarding them. Depending on the type of fireplace your house has, you will be needing an extra layer of protection to safeguard your family against the different types of hazards that may be encountered. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, there are tendencies where the wood-producing embers may cause a fire and this may harm both the house and the people in it. 

Likewise, these two protective barriers can also function as house decorations. You’re probably wondering by now how can these serve as decors. They can be the center of attention if you invest in their overall appearance. For the traditional wood fireplace, you can opt for a metal fireplace door with frames made up of bronze for a more vintage or rustic look. The fireplace area may not be used most of the time but it does not mean it has to be neglected and left behind as a dull and boring area. You can make use of some old ornaments alongside a burst of a creative mind in transforming the area into a lively one. There are different ways to highlight the fireplace even without having to light up a fire for it to appear vibrant. You can also have your fireplace doors and screens custom made to suit the interior of your home.

Fireplace doors are the better choice

Fireplace doors are the better choice

Although they do have the same advantages as the screens, there are some distinctions that greatly separate fireplace doors from screens. Aside from providing an additional layer of protection for the fireplace, it can easily be personalized to complement any interior style. Elemental, vintage, or contemporary – fireplace doors can match them all. All you have to do is inform your fireplace door manufacturer about your chosen design and they do the magic for you. Moreover, the material utilized to create the door is sturdy enough to withstand the elements that can be released by an active burning fire in the fireplace. Glass is a material that does not easily get ruined even if the fire burns for a long time. Furthermore, there is a greater assurance compared to that of screens that the unwanted elements will not be felt or inhaled by the people present in the room. This also helps in keeping the room warm because the heat from the fire is concentrated on one area only. Another advantage is that the people outside the fireplace can monitor the condition of the fire from time to time or can enjoy the entire view of the fireplace if they are going to select a fireplace door. In addition, if your homes still house the traditional type of fireplace, there are chances that they can be inefficient sources of heat because they may be having a hard time keeping the room warm. However, due to fireplace doors, they were able to let the heat focus on a certain area. Lastly, fireplace doors are great investments since you won’t have to worry about lessening the dangers of a possible fire because the material itself is durable. Unlike screens, they can be easily worn out by several occasions of lighting the area with fire. There are higher chances that the flames may ruin the screens and in the case of fire, it is easier to be penetrated which is not the case for fireplace doors.

Final thoughts

Both are effective in serving their purpose as shields from undesirable components, but fireplace doors are obviously the most effective guards simply because of the materials utilized for their creation. These place a great value for your money because you won’t be worried about the replacements once the barriers are worn out or destroyed. There are cases where the mesh of fireplace screens was detached or damaged due to fires but with fireplace doors, even though they cost more, at least you are provided with extra security to safeguard your family from the fireplace. As previously pointed out, they can also function as decorative pieces especially when you are hands-on in customizing one for your home. With fireplace doors, these are easily accessed by the family especially when it is time to tidy up the fireplace and is easier to clean as you can simply wipe it. The mesh of the fireplace screens can accumulate dirt and the flame embers from the fire which would take much of your time in cleaning.

If you have decided to get a fireplace door for your home, you have to consider the company you will be relying on its manufacturing. It is important to note that you must consult with credible metal craftsmen who can cater to your needs especially that this entails a huge amount of budget. Also, you have to note the measurements of your fireplace from top to bottom and even the sides to provide the manufacturer with an idea of the size or you can have them personally visit your place to ensure accuracy. Make sure that you ask a lot of questions before proceeding immediately to the manufacturing process. They should be able to answer any questions related to fireplace doors and their entire procedure.

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