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3 Tips for Properly Displaying Photos on Your Walls

Decorating a home is a great way to add your personal touches into a space. Once the furniture is added, the lighting elements are determined, and the walls are painted, the space really starts to come together.

To add even more personalization into certain rooms, you might consider printing out and displaying photos on your walls. Whether the photos are from your wedding, of your kids, or of your travels, here are 3 tips for properly displaying photos on your walls.

Choose the Correct Print Sizes and Dimensions


The sizes you end up choosing for your photos to hang on your walls can actually make or break how good that room looks. If you print photos out that end of being too small for the space, the room can look unbalanced and a bit awkward. On the other hand, if you display photos that take up the majority of the wall, the room can instantly look too crowded.

When it comes to the dimensions, you want to pick ratios that will complement the rest of the room. Look at the shapes in the room to help you determine this. If you’re planning to hang a photo above a long couch and the wall is currently empty, using a photo with a 16:9 aspect ratio would look more visually appealing than a photo with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Measure Your Walls

It might sound obvious, but this step oftentimes gets skipped! It can be tempting to just eyeball your wall space and think you know the best image dimensions to use. Take the time to pull out a tape measure and calculate the available wall space you actually have.

As a rule of thumb, wall art should cover about 60% – 75% of the available wall space. As you take your wall measurements, multiply the width and height each by .60 and .75, and that will then give you a basic range for the print sizes you should aim to have.

As a tip, before you commit to printing out a photo of a certain size, use painters tape and block out the size on your wall. This way, you can take a step back and get a basic visual for how that size print would look compared to the rest of the room.

Pick Photos that Complement the Space


Once you know the correct dimensions your images should be and you’ve properly measured the wall space, it’s time to select the photos you want to display. Take a look around the room and survey the colors, patterns, and materials currently in the space. Typically, you want to select photos that will complement the space and won’t clash with other features.

If your space has a certain color theme, try picking photos that also follow that color scheme. If you want something a bit bolder, select the contrasting color to make the photo a focal piece of the room.

When it comes to the material, canvas is always a popular choice and works well in most rooms. Metal prints are another popular option, and they can look great when displaying photos of landscapes.

Final Thoughts

Hanging up photos is a fun way to display your memories throughout your house. Use the tips above to help you pick the right types of images for your walls.

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