What to Do If a Roofer Does A Bad Job

As with any service that you pay for, you expect a high standard of work from your roofer. Still, there are many less-than-reputable tradesmen in the world, which can often leave you with a roof that just isn’t up to the job. If you have been the victim of a roofer doing a bad job, you need to know what your options are.

It doesn’t matter if they haven’t cleaned up adequately, or the roof itself isn’t built correctly, here are some of the things you can do.

Review the Contract

Check to see what your warranty covers and if it’s are still applicable. This is the stage where you should be able to communicate the problem without any issue as a lot of tradesmen value their reputation and are open to making amendments to their work to keep a customer happy.

In most cases, if the issue is minor, such as a damaged shingle, a reputable contractor, like those at C&D Bronx Roofers –New York’s top siding, window, and roofing contractor—are perfectly happy to rectify the issue free of charge. However, if they don’t comply, you may want to consider the following:

Gather Evidence

Gather Evidence of Bad Roofing

Unfortunately, phone records alone are not enough. It is unlikely that you will get a contractor to admit any form of guilt over the phone, so even if you can record a conversation, it might not be sufficient.

What you can do is take your own photos of where they have done a lousy job, even videos can help. To support this even further, you want to get the advice of a third party. Search for reputable companies in your area that are willing to come and asses the level of damage or evidence of poor installation. All tradesmen will charge for their time, but if it supports your claim, then it will be worth it as you could claim it back later.

Complain in Writing

A paper trail is vital for building a complaint. Emails are probably the best approach as you they show the dates that they were sent. Otherwise, a written letter is still a good idea, just keep a copy for yourself. Detail the cause for your concern and ask them to respond within a specific time frame. Inform them that if you do not hear from them, you will have to take the matter further.

Consult the BBB

Otherwise known as the Better Business Bureau, the BBB is an excellent resource for disgruntled customers and those who feel they have not been treated fairly. An advisor will be able to help you find out what you can do next and can know how to communicate with the builder in a way that might resolve the situation.

Contact an Attorney

Of course, this is not where anyone wants to end up, but a simple letter from an attorney can be enough to change a roofer’s mind.

Hopefully, by following the above steps, you are better prepared for an unwanted situation. Remember to stay calm throughout as arguing back and forth makes the situation worse and causes other parties to be less likely to communicate.

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