The Best Roof for High Winds

The quality of the roof on your home or business directly affects its ability to battle the elements. As a result, unless you are experienced, it’s unwise to attempt to install or perform residential or commercial roofing repair on your own. However, you do, of course, get a say in the materials your roof is constructed of.

Every type of roof has its own merits, and we are going to look at the types you should consider if you live in an area that has high winds.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the most popular choices for protecting your home from high winds. This is because it can be fixed in place using strong materials like nails and screws. Metal roofing can also come with more extended warranties as a result of their excellent durability.

Metal roofs are lightweight, but once in place, are very sturdy. They are one of the best choices for resisting uplift. It is believed that a metal roof can withstand a wind force of 140 mph. Also, the fact that metal roofing consists of one fixed unit means that smaller parts will not fall off, causing injury and leaving you vulnerable to the elements. A lack of multiple components also equates to a lower overall need for repair.

Clay Tiles

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are known to be able to protect a home well, but only if installed correctly. If they have not been placed by expert hands, tiles may come loose and fall. Regardless, these often look better than metal roofing and can still give your home a good layer or protection. If you go for a poly-foam option, it can stop them from breaking windows and generally being a danger should they fall.

The structure upon installation gives your roof air permeability. This means it resists a flow of air helping it to remain wind resistant up to around 125 mph. Of course, all this is dependent on the quality of the installation. Clay is good at protecting your home in various types of extreme weather including high temperatures.



Slate produces a high-quality roof that comes with a high price tag. Slate is known for being resistant to wind and its durability. As slate tiles are heavy, they are sturdier. However, they require expert hands to install because it includes reinforcing them to keep them in place.

Slate does require an extra level of ongoing maintenance, but they remain an excellent choice for protecting your property. It is thought that a slate roof should last for well over 60 years which you should factor into your decision when considering a new roof.

All the above options have their benefits, and a lot will depend on how you want your property to look. Although it might seem to be the most sensible option, metal just doesn’t look good on every building. The main thing you can do to ensure your property is well protected is have it installed by a trained professional.

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