2019’s Easiest Decor Trends to Update Your Home

A new year is a perfect opportunity to dust away the cobwebs in your home and think about how you can update your décor and furnishings. 2019 has brought in a whole host of beautiful trends that will give your home a serious injection of style, but it can be tricky deciding which one to use. With that in mind, we’ve picked out five of this year’s best trends that you can easily incorporate in your home.

1. Nature


If you lead a busy life, this trend is for you. Natural textures like wooden flooring, woven bamboo and gorgeous plant life all provide a welcome respite from hectic city living. Handmade pieces made from sustainable materials like jute and clay complement this look, which is all about bringing the outside indoors. Earthy and grounding, this is a trend that not only looks good but will make you feel calm and serene in your very own sanctuary.

2. Coral

Colour experts at Pantone have announced that the hotly anticipated Colour of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral, described as a ‘life-affirming and animating coral hue’. This muted terracotta shade is set to dominate 2019 and is complemented by blush, dusty pink and bronze. From a simple feature wall to home accessories like cushions, throws and bed linen, there’s an endless list of ways you can introduce the trend to your home. This bright, warm colour is perfect for adding some energy and vibrance to your space.

3. Curved furniture

Curved furniture

That’s right; it’s time to embrace those curves! Clean, straight lines in furniture are out, and beautiful curves, à la renowned American furniture designer Vladimir Kagan are in. While the sleek lines of mid-century sofas and chairs are undoubtedly beautiful, softer and more rounded shapes are perfect for creating a gentle look in your home. If you’re looking to divide a room into zones, curved sofas are perfect for placing across the room as they look just as good from behind as the front. Choose pieces in beautiful fabrics like velvet for a high-end look.

4. Bold art

Bold art

This year, minimalist art, as favoured by Scandinavian design, is making way for bright colours and graphic patterns. Look out for patterns and textures which will give your home an on-trend style boost, and don’t be afraid of large pictures or detailed prints. If you’re thinking about investing in property in 2019, artwork is a great way to boost the appeal of your rental. Property investment experts RW Invest use light neutrals, high-quality furniture and striking artwork in their stylish buy to let properties which suit a wide range of potential tenants.

5. All the trimmings

Fringing, tassels, pom-poms – it’s all up for grabs with the passementerie trend, which is all about elaborate, ornate trimmings. Look out for sofas and cushions adorned with cords, trim and more, or even try your hand at some DIY crafting by purchasing some trim in a haberdashery and decorating your furnishings.

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