What Sort of Issues Can be Found in Electrical Inspection?

You may be one of those people that only call your local electrical firm when you discover there is an issue. This is a viable and potentially budget friendly approach.

However, you can also commit to a regular electrical inspection. If you’re managing a building or several properties, you’ll need to use the services of aceelectrix.com.au; they are dedicated to helping you understand any issue and deal with it swiftly.

Once you’re aware of the issues that can be discovered during an electrical inspection you’ll appreciate why it’s so important:

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Electrical surges are most common during storms although they can happen for a variety of reasons. The problem with an electrical surge is that it can quickly damage a host of your equipment. Sensitive item such as your internet, computers television may be the most likely to be affected but anything that is plugged in can be damaged.

An electrical inspection will ensure you have the necessary surge protection and that it is working; preventing this issue from occurring.

Short Circuits

Short Circuits
A short circuit happens when two wires touch each other that are not supposed to. This is a common reason for fires to start. Wires can lose their protective coating through age, heat damage or even pests in your home.

The inspection will be able to assess each of your circuits to see if there is a potential issue; allowing you to replace it before it becomes something more serious.

In this matter prevention really is better than the result; no one wants to go through the trauma of a house fire.


Electrical regulations are constantly changing and although you often don’t need to make instant changes it is important to be aware of where your system may no longer meet standards.

This will help you to decide whether you need to change or replace your electrics now or in the future. Having the opportunity to plan it will make it easier to budget for the issue.

Electric Shocks

Electric Shocks
Bad wiring can mean that a live wire is touching part of the home that it shouldn’t be. Bad wiring can occur through age, pests or for a variety of other reasons; it s not necessarily a reflection of a job done poorly.

However, electricity can travel through appliances and other materials, a loose live could then result in the casing of an appliance becoming live and you getting a nasty shock when you touch it.

Your electrical inspection will pick up on an issue like this and ensure it s resolved before anyone comes to harm.

Who Should Have An Electrical Inspection?

In short every household. Regulations require any rental property to be inspected on an annual basis but there are no rules regarding private dwellings. This doesn’t mean they are less likely to have issues!

To be safe and keep your home safe for you and your family you should have your electrics inspected annually.

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