5 Great Trees you can Plant in Your Garden

Trees are an excellent addition to almost any garden. They offer shade for your garden, attract wildlife and can look stunning.

But, there are regulations regarding tree trimming, pruning and felling. It’s a good idea to look at the regulations before you plant any tree; you’ll know what you’re letting yourself in for!

You may wish to consult an expert such as High Point Trees before you purchase, plant or even remove a tree; it’s much better to check before you get yourself into hot water!

To help, here are 5 great trees you can plant in your garden:

1. Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

You’ll need good draining soil and a slightly shielded spot for this stunning tree. It should grow to approximately 4 meters tall and has beautiful red leaves in the fall which gradually turn the ground into a luxurious looking carpet.

There are several varieties of the Japanese Maple; take a look at all of them before you decide.

2. Tahitian Lime

Tahitian Lime
This is a citrus tree which does well in warmer climates. The white blossom appears in the spring each year and smells fantastic.

The tree should grow to approximately 3 meters tall and also likes good draining soil. You’ll need to water this one regularly and mulch the base to ensure it stays healthy.

You can even grow it in a pot if you wish; as long as it is at least 60 cm deep.

3. Magnolia

This is another one that needs watering regularly or it will lose the lush shine to its leaves. The magnolia has deep green shiny leaves that reflect the sun perfectly.

When the weather warms up the white flowers start to appear; again they smell fantastic. It will grow quickly until it reaches its maximum height of 4 meters.

You can grow it virtually anywhere, eve on the coast as long as you keep it watered regularly.

4. Gum Tree

Gum Tree
Depending on whether you get a dwarf version of this tree or not you’ll be looking at something that reaches either 3 meters or 6 meters tall.

The color of the flowers will depend on the variety of gum tree you purchase. They can be white, pink, orange or even red. The flowers are massive and attract a host of birds; particularly lorikeets.

You will get gumnuts after the tree has flowered although you can prevent the gumnuts from appearing by pruning the tree as soon as the flowers start to die off.

5. Cercis

You may have heard of this by the name purple redbud. It has large heart shaped leaves which are a deep purple / red color. They change to a golden apricot in the fall.

Te tree can reach an impressive 5 meters tall; it’s important to consider this before you plant it! It will do better in the ground than in a large pot.

You can mix these trees to create a stunning effect in any garden; just make sure you have the time to look after them!

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