How to Design Office Space to Reflect Your Brand

Brand identity is a crucial part of the corporate world. It not only reflects the presence of the brand in all relevant ventures, but can also motivate and invigorate the employees when used properly within the interior design of the office. This includes crafting the layout, material selection, color schemes and overall lighting in a way that strengthens the presence of the brand even within the bounds of the company.

The concept of ‘Living the Brand’ has been gaining a lot of traction in the last decade. It involves using a number of techniques to make the office as collaborative, interesting ad identifying as possible. So further, we’ll be looking at a few ways you can design the office space to reflect your brand. Says office interior design experts at Westbrook Interiors

Using the official color palette

Using the official color palette

The first step in designing any interior design is locking down the color palette. While you can be random and eclectic with most projects, corporate and office interiors need a certain finesse that can only be achieved by deriving colors from the official color palette. This helps emulate a part of the brand identity within the office space in a subtle, understated way which is not as obvious, but still relevant. These colors can be used in various forms and material interpretations. They can also be used in the furniture material and upholstery.

Incorporating the logo

Incorporating the logo
The logo represents the brand presence. It’s the ultimate form of brand identity, and using it in office interior designs is an absolute given. Some commercial companies like to be abstract with their logo incorporation, but it’s always recommended to have at least one full-fledged iteration of its design in a feature or accent wall for maximum impact. You can either opt for a tasteful acrylic piece behind the main reception, a graceful wall art in the main part of the office, or even interpret the logo in the floor design. Some companies even emulate it in their ceiling designs.

Using relevant graphic art

Using relevant graphic art
Your logo is not the only thing that your graphic designer comes up with during the whole branding process. There is also official artwork that can be customized to suit interior design purposes. This can be used in the form of wallpapers. It uses the official color scheme and evokes a sense of artistic gratification that isn’t always achieved by using the official colors and logo. Nescafe is a great example of this phenomenon – most of the spaces they design have coffee related themes and artwork that are personalized by using the company colors and catchphrases.

Creating an experience

Creating an experience
Not many large corporations get it, but smartening up your offices to provide a collaborative and engaging experience to the employees actually works. Now this ‘experience’ basically includes creating spaces that are memorable, enhance collaboration, and wind up positively reinforcing the employees. Headquarters of Google and Facebook engage their employees by delivering fun, almost thematic and agile work spaces that stimulate them throughout the day. Spaces like these may include huddle rooms, individualized compartments, interactive spaces, quite spaces, nap rooms, and recreational areas.

Physical work portfolios

Physical work portfolios
Part of good branding and marketing is showcasing your work. This aspect usually gets overlooked while focusing on the bigger picture. However, showcasing the portfolio of a company can definitely have a positive brand image for potential clients, investors and even employees. It can be done in a traditional manner by creating a gallery wall of framed credits and projects. It can also be done by using graphic art and creating project timelines on the wall surface itself.
So these are some innovative and mainstream ways you can reflect your brand identity within an office space.

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