7 Important Elements to a Functional Kitchen Design

It’s easy to get carried away when designing a new kitchen. All the glossy brochures promise pristine work surfaces, spotless appliances and very little consideration for the practicalities of using your kitchen every day for the next 5 or even 10 years.

Of course, choosing a reputable company such as Archcon will help you to get t all right. But, it is essential to consider these 7 elements to ensure a functional kitchen design:

1. The Triangle

The Triangle

To efficiently move round your kitchen it is recommended that you position your refrigerator, cooker and sink on each of the three points of a triangle.

This will give you the space to work but provide easy access to the most important facilities in your kitchen.

Your actually design will depend on the space you have available; ideally there will be no obstructions on the route of your triangle.

2. Lights

The next thing to consider is lighting. You’ll need ceiling lights, down lights are often considered to be a good option. But, you should also look at adding some spot lights to illuminate the countertops where you will be working the most.

Having enough light when preparing food is essential.

3. Seats

Many modern kitchens have breakfast bars or even tables in them. This can help to make the kitchen the focal point of your home.

You need to consider how many people there are in your family and how many people are generally sat in your kitchen at the same time. Of course you’ll have to balance this with the amount of space available; that’s why it’s essential to think about it before you start any work.

4. Appliances

You need to purchase appliances that fit in with the décor of your home but it is also a good idea to get ones that are energy efficient.

This will help the environment and reduce your energy bills.

5. Surface Area

Surface Area
You can have too many countertops but you can also have not enough; which is a much bigger issue. Consider how you use your current kitchen and the amount of space you really need and then make sure your new kitchen has at least this much. It will make it more enjoyable using the room.

6. Flooring

Many people overlook the floor but it is an essential part of your kitchen. It must be hard wearing; it’s going to see a lot of traffic. It is also a good idea if it’s waterproof; there will be spills along the way!

You can opt for hard wood if you’re prepared to undertake the maintenance. However you may prefer to go with tiles or even vinyl.

7. Latest Gadgets

It is a good idea to consider the latest technology when designing your kitchen. You’ll want USB charging sockets for your cell phone and other devices. You can also put in cooking aids, smart lights or a host of other gadgets.

Again it’s easy to get carried away so you must consider what is really useful; this will help to give you a functional, beautiful and within budget kitchen.

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