What Attachments Are Available For A Skid Steer?

A skid steer loader, also known as skid steer for short, is a small vehicle used in various tasks in construction. It can assist in both heavy or light jobs by making it more efficient. There are multiple alternatives available to meet the needs of all types of building and landscaping projects. 

Here are some of the skid steer attachments that are suitable for different types of jobs.

Log Splitter

Splitting wood is not an easy task. Due to current technologies, a wood splitter has been invented to assist in splitting logs quicker and easier than ever. You can attach wood splitters to skid steers to help you do your wood splitting jobs without exerting too much effort. It is better than an electric or gas-powered hydraulic wood splitter because it is cheaper yet still powerful. If you want a high-end splitter that will do an excellent job splitting your wood, you should buy a log splitter attachment for a skid steer


It would help if you had a powerful and balanced trenching tool to create perfect trenching holes through solid ground. A skid steer trencher can do the work perfectly for your landscaping, farming, light construction, and home repairs and installations. Skid steers can create trenches with 36 inches depth and 10 inches wide, even in small sizes. Should you want deeper trenches, you can opt for larger skid steers and guarantee that you will achieve what you want. 


A general-purpose bucket, also called a dirt bucket, is the usual skid steer partner. It is an essential item to construction sites as it is used to move dirt, rocks, sand, gravel, and castings. It is also used for testing and rating skid steers. Dirt buckets either have a rolled or flat back. Aside from this type of bucket, here are a few more classifications for different purposes. 

Skid Steer2

  • A combination Bucket is used for loading, carrying, and dumping materials.
  • Concrete-placing Bucket is utilized for accurate, quick, and neat carrying and placement of concrete in tight spots.
  • Mixing Bucket is for transporting and dispensing concrete.
  • Grapple Bucket is the best for gripping large objects or materials.
  • Snow Buckets are the best for moving or handling light materials.
  • Grading Bucket has a low capacity but has the best visibility of a cutting edge.
  • Rock Bucket is used for sifting and sorting materials. 


There are three types of rakes that you can attach to a skid steer. First is the grader rake, which has strong and evenly spaced tines that can separate debris for easier site cleanup and leveling compacted soils. Grader rakes are ideal for clearing coarse materials like rocks and bricks. 

Auto rakes can also be attached with a bucket, with either a rake chain or bar with teeth designed to remove small rocks and debris. Lastly, a preparator rake has everything: it can reduce cleanup, remove stones, and prepare the soil. Preparator rakes are suitable for rock collection, foliage removal, soil tillage, and roughing.

Skid steer post driver, log splitter, trenches, buckets, and rakes are just a few available skid steer attachments. It is a great buy, primarily if you work in various construction projects because it makes work more efficient and manageable. It’s also a piece of multi-purpose equipment, so you can definitely do many things with a skid steer. 

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