Is It a Good Idea to Invest in the Real Estate Market in 2021?


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The real estate market is a leading indicator of the Indian market. It also generates the most jobs in the state, aside from agriculture, & contributes 7% of GDP. It’s also been predicted that if the proposed reform initiatives are properly implemented, the industry will contribute 15% towards the country’s GDP by 2026. It also implies that the industry offers a wide range of investment options.

This real estate market, on the other hand, has had numerous ups & downs in recent years. This Covid-19 epidemic hit our shores just as the industry was beginning to recover from the first blow of structural changes like GST & RERA. Worldwide lockdowns resulted in shattered supply networks, causing issues with international buying. The industry was also beset by financial problems and a manpower shortage.

Things are starting to look better as we move closer to getting a vaccination in our hands. Traders are debating whether real estate is a viable investment in 2021.

Changes in customer behavior must be considered –

Customer behavior has shifted as a result of the epidemic, and customer opinions of the real estate sector have shifted as well. Wider layouts with improved safety measures, an emphasis on sanitation, and captive facilities are increasingly desired by purchasers interested in the residential homes. We could see an increase in supply for residential houses with specialized office areas as WFH becomes more common. Satellite operations outside the Central Business Districts would get greater interest if we examine commercial real estate holdings.

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The industry is on its way back to health –

The Prime Minister’s demand for self-reliance as part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative is a positive indication for such a real estate industry, since projects now will receive government policy backing.  (FDI)  Foreign Direct Investment growth is also a sign of a quick recovery.

The epidemic’s interruption may appear inexplicable at the time, and we must remember that every crisis appears little in retrospect. The epidemic is merely a blip in the cosmic sensor, as the Indian financial real estate market continues to draw investors with long-term objectives. Also with the 2021-22 plan right around the corner, the industry is anticipating significant relaxations from the government that will help to stimulate demand & attract even more investment.

Going forward towards 2021, we may anticipate a steady influx of investment as global central banks’ cheap liquidity keeps lending rates low & real estate investment provides strong returns.

According to a research by Savills India, venture capital investment within the Indian real estate market might rebound dramatically, bringing in $8 billion in the year 2021, a 40 percent increase year over year.

Even as the economy improves as well as the government implements development measures, real estate values in metropolitan regions will stabilize, and in certain cases, may even rise as demand increases in such locations.

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The 2021-22 budget will be critical –

The effect of Covid-19 mostly on Indian market has been devastating, but things will start to improve in the following two quarters when the vaccination is rolled out. We could see growth of the economy if the latest budget succeeds to pump money into the sector & interest rates are cut, although briefly. The Maharashtra government’s interim stamp-duty reduction resulted in a considerable increase in demand. As a result, the industry anticipates that the government will include GST reduction & government benefits in the upcoming budget, even if just for a limited time, as these measures might help the real estate market develop.

Let’s Sum Up

To summarize, you can predict that the property market will rebound in 2021 through the best real estate accounting software, providing excellent investment possibilities – particularly for long-term investors. As buyer confidence improves, those who have been on the fence about investing will be motivated to do so, adding to the sector’s stability.

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