How To Choose A Qualified Carpet Cleaning Professional

There are so many carpet cleaning companies for you to choose from. Each company offers special services and discounts. So how can we choose a qualified carpet cleaning professional? Don’t worry, keep scrolling through our article to find out the answer!

Things To Consider When Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

Pricing Is Key

We can easily find companies with more reasonable prices for good services. Professional cleaning carpet companies always have the highest costs but the services they provide are perfect. Most customers are pleased with the outcome when hiring a professional. Therefore, price should be the key priority when it comes to choosing a cleaning company.

Normally, the average carpet cleaning cost ranges from $370 to $470 for a 2,000 square foot room. For smaller homes and rooms, the cost falls to approximately $35 per room. However, some big companies may charge you up to $80.

Know Your Needs

You should have a clear understanding of your carpet types, stains, and age of your carpet. With said information, the cleaner will be able to figure out the proper methods and chemicals for your carpet that will prevent your family from getting allergies. 

Ask About Included Services

  • Cleaning services

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There are two main kinds of cleaners often offer customers: dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning, and the cost varies according to the service you choose. 

Dry cleaning, as its name suggests, requires chemicals having little water. Sometimes it is called low moisture cleaning. This type of cleaning is suitable for those who need a quick clean. However, the level of cleanliness is of course not as good. If your carpet isn’t too dirty, we suggest this type. 

On the other hand, steam cleaning is more popular but takes longer. This method uses hot water and cleaning chemicals to remove dirt and fibers on the carpet. However, you have to wait up to a day to make sure your floor is fully dry. Therefore, this method is more suitable for landlords or property managers after their tenants move out.

  • Check for Insurance, Licensing, and Bonding

Any cleaning company that you hire must be bonded by the state you live in, as well as insurances and licensing. This ensures that all staff has had thorough background checks, and the company will take full responsibility for any possible damage to your house. 

  • Choosing The Type of Cleaning Fluids

It is possible that chemicals used may cause allergies, therefore, you should know what kind of substances cleaners are using in your home. 

Nowadays, there are more companies that offer green solutions, which are eco-friendly, while prices are reasonable. Thus, you should consider hiring a company using green cleaning substances.

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  • Company’s reputation

Remember to check everything about the company you hire. First, check if their vehicles are marked with a logo and phone number. Beat-up cars suggest they may not be legally bonded or licensed. 

Second, staff should always wear uniforms and covers on their shoes. Because this service requires using chemicals and professional machines, wearing uniforms and covers on shoes is a very important factor. 

Third, their work ethics and behaviors can also suggest their reputation. The way staff provide services at your home as well as communicating with you can very much reveal how reputable their company is. 

  • Years of Experience

A company with many years of experience is always desired, because this means that they have a lot of experience and trust from their customers. But don’t quickly skip over newer companies, as they may have creative, new ideas suitable for you, and you may also come across one with very good customer service. Check all references about potential companies to decide on the best one. 

  • A Solid Guarantee

A company with a guarantee may be the most trustworthy one to hire. A guarantee will show the commitment they have to their work. Responsibility is always an important aspect of a company. In case you are not satisfied, you can still request changes or even refunds. 

Read All Reviews

A very useful method in choosing a cleaning company is to read through all the reviews carefully. Sometimes the best way to find out about a company is not to directly approach the company itself, but check its reputation through other customers. However, don’t just check either positive or negative reviews, but each and every review to understand the company. 


The information provided above should help you answer the question of how to choose a qualified carpet cleaning professional. For more references, please refer to carpet cleaning Singapore services. Thank you for reading!

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