Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

Do you want to sell your house in the near future, but you worry you haven’t done enough to get a good offer? All is not lost yet. There are many ways to increase the value of your property, according to sterlingpropertysolutions.com, no matter how you would like to do it – simple and on a budget or go a little bit crazy. So if you’re looking for some inspirations, you’ve come to the right place. There are some ideas that may boost the price of your property and make your life better and easier while you’re the one still living there:



It’s a simple idea, you can do it all by yourself and you will be amazed by the effect. Sometimes it’s enough to freshen up the colors to feel like you’re in a completely different (and new) house. Think about whether you want to repaint everything, or maybe a couple of rooms, or perhaps just the outside – it’s worth doing all of it, though. It’s cost-efficient and will certainly boost the value of your house.

Outside make-over

A well-groomed front yard can make a great first impression on your potential buyers, so remember to have your lawn mowed. Also, think about some flowers or shrubs – nothing fancy or time-consuming, but make it welcoming and pleasing for the eye. If we’re talking about a garden, a fire pit is a nice addition that’s growing in popularity these days. If you have children and you aim for selling your house to a family as well, consider buying some preschool playground equipment or a seesaw. Add a couple of chairs to make it a place for gatherings, or a pond with its relaxing sounds of splashing water.

Adding storage space

Minimalism may be a popular trend these days, but most people still need storage space, especially if they’re a family with children. Try organizing a basement, a garage or an attic, if you have one, adding some shelves, boxes, and closets. If you don’t have any spare room and it’s impossible for you to add one, there are many different storage solutions to choose from, like open shelves in the kitchen, bathroom or living-room, or hooks on every door.

Freshening up the bathroom

It’s always a great idea to make your house a little bit more eco-friendly. Consider replacing a few things with their more efficient counterparts – a low-flow showerhead and a toilet. Fix leaky faucets and think about different heating solutions, especially if your current one is a little bit out-dated, e.g. tankless water heater is more to the liking of eco-friendly people and will help you save on your energy bills as well. If you don’t want to do any heavy renovating, you can simply replace handles, buy a new lamp or a mirror. If your tiles look old and used, you don’t have to change them – sometimes painting is enough.
Freshening up the bathroom

Inviting a real estate agent

Even if you’re not selling your house right now, it may be a great idea to consult with someone who has some experience in the field. Have a real estate agent to come over and walk with him through your house and around it. He can tell you what the buyers actually look for and what can significantly lower or increase the price of your property.


This may not influence the value of your property per se, but will certainly have an effect on the impression the house makes on potential buyers. Show them the home they can actually live in, not only blank, empty walls. Make the interiors cozy, warm and welcoming. Of course, you’ll probably take most of the stuff while moving out, but it’s enough to show people how the house may look like filled with people, their feelings for each other and memories.

Adding a room

There are several ways to achieve this. If you have a spare room that you’re not really using, it’s simple – convert it into another bedroom; it can really boost the value of the whole house. Also, you can organize your attic or a basement to have additional living space; there are people who convert a garage into a room – a guest room or another living-room.
Adding a room
Of course, these are only a few ideas that may appeal to you or not; maybe they will inspire you to do something different? Whatever the case, remember that a house should feel like home. Everyone may have a unique sense of style, but certain things are universal. Make sure your house goes on sale in the shape that you would like to buy it yourself.

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