Waterproof Your Basement For Peace Of Mind

Buying a home is just the first step! When you sign the papers of the new home and get the possession letter, it is the most joyous feeling in the world. In fact, building your own home takes a lot of effort and financial burden. However, the feeling is exquisite and you finally think that you have achieved something in life.

The responsibility does not end there! As soon as you buy a home, there are certain issues that rise up. It could be water logging issues or the wall paint chipping away. The basement is filled with water and the tiles are not in place. Speaking of the basement, it can get very scary once it fills up with water. It reminds us of the horror scenes in most of the scary movies.

That’s not the ONLY reason why you must waterproof your basement. Here’s a post that explains why you must opt for Value Dry waterproofing.

The Reasons Why You Must Waterproof the Basement

The Reasons Why You Must Waterproof the Basement

#1 Avoid flooding – Did you know that the most destructive disaster (natural) in America is flooding? Basements are supposed to be the place where you store all your valuables. It could be your washing machine, old toys/clothes, an old piano or even a vehicle that you are not using. By waterproofing the basement, you will be able to protect the valuables from flooding.

#2 No More Cracks – When the moisture seeps in and gets trapped in the foundation, it can cause cracks. These cracks could be dangerous because they have the power to make the whole building fall apart. Waterproof the basement and fix the leaks. This is an investment and could keep the structure intact for years!

#3 Reducing the Additional Energy Costs – When your basement is filled with water or is damp, it could be difficult to keep your home cool during the summer months. This is because the humidity rises due to the dampness in the basement. Also, the cracks in the foundation is a big loophole. The chilly winter wind will easily get inside your house through these cracks. We can’t even imagine how cold it will be!
#4 Increases the Overall Value of The Home – In case you are planning to sell the house, the prospective buyers will come for a property visit. If they find that the basement is damp and dark, the cost of the property will go down! Nobody wants a damp basement that requires a lot of repairs.

Waterproofing the basement will increase the value of your home.

#5 No More Mildew – Moisture buildup in the basement or the foundation of your home can lead to lethal growth of mildew. You may feel that mildew is harmless but your family could get really unwell due to the growth of mold. Also, the family members may catch a cold or have skin irritation.

What’s your next step?

Waterproof the Basement
The above-mentioned reasons are enough for you to call up a waterproofing service provider and take an appointment. They will assess the basement and tell you the exact costs. Consider this as an investment because building a home is never enough. You need to maintain it and keep it free from mold and mildew.

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