Design Tips for That Opulent Mansion Feeling

Many people believe a mansion is a house of large dimensions with a typical Victorian or Renaissance design. However, some experts believe that according to the origin of the word, any large home can be considered a mansion. Usually, it is not the size but the luxury and grandeur of mansions that attracts most people. Who wouldn’t want to live life in a mansion? The opulent lifestyle is something many of us dream about. Unfortunately, it will probably stay just that – a dream. Even though we’d all like to buy a mansion in Las Vegas and spend our days in the pool, most of us won’t. But, just because we don’t have a mansion to style, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the luxury and sophistication of mansion style decor. Here are some inspiring interior design tips to dress up your simple home like a beautiful mansion.

Let In Natural Light

Let In Natural Light

Mansions are almost always bright and spacious, unless they are the dark and dreary haunted ones! Jokes apart, mansions truly are built to get as much natural light as possible. Mansions are huge in terms of space and need proper lighting and ventilation to ensure they don’t feel dark and dull. This is probably why they often have large doors and floor-to-ceiling windows which let in lots of natural light. Plus, they are also designed to look bright and well-lit with stunning chandeliers and beautiful lights.

How To:

So, the best way to give your homes that mansion-like feel is to make it bright and well-lit. Let the windows in your home do their job and let in as much natural light as possible. You can also use sheer curtains or do away with any window treatments to keep your home naturally bright. Moreover, you can also use beautiful chandeliers and wall sconces to get a look of opulence and luxury.

Welcoming and Impressive Living Room

Living rooms are normally designed to be warm and welcoming to make your guests feel comfortable. However, a mansion style living room does more than just welcome its visitors! Mansion living room serves to welcome, and impress, guests to the house with a grand spatial statement.

How To:

For a mansion style living room, try to create that grand entrance feeling by making as much space as possible. To create more space in the living room, try setting the furniture to one side. Grouping the furniture together can also free up space. Moreover, it will give you a separate space to seat and entertain your guests. Other than that, you can also include vintage furniture and decor pieces wherever possible. Even if you’re on a budget, try not to skimp on classy, high quality materials for the living room. This may be the only room your guests ever see.

Use Antiques for Interior Decor

Use Antiques for Interior Decor
It is often said that a mansion without antiques is not a mansion. Antiques lend an air of timeless history to any space. And when decorating a sprawling mansion, they bring an old-world charm and a feeling of opulence to the room. Thankfully today you can find beautiful antiques in all shapes and sizes, and perhaps most importantly, prices. If you’re on a budget and cannot afford a room full of antiques, use just a piece or two to transform your decor.

How To:

Decorating with antiques is not an easy task. It is always difficult to decide which pieces to use, how many to use in a room, where to place them for maximum effect, etc. However, acquiring them is probably the most difficult part of it. Thrift and antique stores are a great source of antiques and other vintage items which can really class up a residence. However, don’t buy just anything that is pretty or cheap. Try to find a piece that can go well with your interiors.

Modern mansions reflect the lifestyle of their owners. It does not always mean neatly laid parquet, crown moldings, multi-tiered chandeliers, and large fireplaces with ornate decoration. Mansion style home interiors furnished with art and antiques, rich textiles, and stylish lighting can also reflect the grandeur of a mansion. Mansion style interior design isn’t just for mansions. We can all have a bit of opulence in our life without breaking the bank.

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