Why Diamond Painting is the New Trend of 2019

Wondering what the new diamond painting is all about? Find below.

If you have not heard of the term diamond painting going around, you probably only know it by the concept because nowadays, everyone is aware of this new style of art. Let me explain a little. Have you ever seen painting by numbers where you paint a coded color in a numbered area and end up with a beautiful and neat painting? Diamond painting is the same but instead of paints, you have to put tiny resin diamonds of several colors on the color coded areas. It’s pretty simple and extremely fun so the concept has been making rounds.

No Age-Limit!

Diamond art Painting is an activity for everyone. There is no specific age limit except for babies because, well, tiny parts can be swallowed. But it’s such a fun and therapeutic activity that just about anyone can pick up a diamond painting set and start. It comes in various difficulty and color levels so you can always choose the one you would love to do the most. The idea of this kind of painting is simply genius and I think revolutionizes traditional activities that we do to calm our minds and help ourselves relax a little bit.
No Age-Limit

How you can make a diamond painting:

There are two types of diamonds in this set. First, there is a square drill. The drill is just another word for diamond. These pieces of diamonds are called drills. The square drills are diamonds that are square-shaped, as the name suggests. It may sound like the shape doesn’t make much of a difference but there is actually a very significant one. Many people choose the square drill because of it being easier to pick up and falling really easily into its place or designated area on the painting sheet.

Make sure your sheet is completely flat though because if it’s not, then none of the drills will stick. This drill also gives a very clear, neat image when the painting is done. The outcome is not abstract and you can easily tell what’s going on because the edges of the square drills help create a distinction between the colors.

The round drill is round and is chosen less by customers for many reasons. First of all, being round it isn’t very easy to pick up these drills with your tweezers and they often fall down. So they are also much harder to stick on the sheet because round ones keep rolling around. These drills are only for people who have way more patience than everyone else. Apart from that, these drills being round create a blended effect between the boundaries of the colors so the final image is more abstract and a little blurred in the lines. For anyone who prefers that kind of art, it’s perfect. But most people choose to go for square drills since it takes less patience, effort, and time and the outcome is more clear and distinct.

There are some rules for starting diamond painting, though. If you plan to try it out, make sure you purchase it from a trusted shop that provides you with quality products because low quality diamond painting kits can have weak glue or bad drills and that will just ruin your whole experience. We recommend www.diamondpainting.art for diamond painting kits.


Wash your hands first and check if the glue is strong and sticky enough. Make sure you have a super flat and clean surface to spread the sheet on. You can’t and shouldn’t do it on your bed or sofa because you will not only mess up your painting but also have drills scattered around everywhere. Keep toddlers away from your area of painting because the drills and tools being extra tiny can be dangerous or even life-threatening for them.

Most of all, enjoy it when it’s ready and when it’s in th

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