Top Washroom Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining your office washroom so that it’s a clean and tidy place for your employees is a vital element in creating a productive and efficient work environment. Not only does office washroom cleanliness impact the overall well-being and work ethic of employees, but it also has the potential to stop germs in their tracks. This means no more stomach bugs that leave half of the office off sick for days at a time. Instead, keep your employees happy and able to work efficiently and comfortably by making sure that you keep your office washroom hygienic. To do this, you’ll need to purchase all of the right washroom supplies from a trusted and reputable retailer.

Here are a number of products you’ll need to keep your washroom clean, tidy and welcoming:

Washroom cleaner

Washroom cleaner

Purchasing the right washroom cleaner for the size of your office is important. You’ll want to consider the number of employees using the washroom on a daily basis and the size of the space before making a purchase. It’s almost always the case that an office washroom will see more use than your domestic washroom, which is why it’s a good idea to purchase your washroom cleaner in bulk.

You may want to purchase a bleach-based cleaner for the floors and sinks, and a more gentle, perfumed antibacterial cleaner for cleaning sensitive materials in the washroom. When the office washroom is being serviced, make sure that the cleaner has the option to choose between a trigger spray bottle and a larger heavy-duty bottle, depending on the area they are cleaning.

Toilet cleaner

Toilet cleaner
It is vital that you keep your office toilets clean so that you can maintain a calm and happy work environment. Failure to do this is often the cause of unnecessary office conflicts. When selecting a toilet cleaner, you’ll want to make sure the product you purchase is bleach based, high powered, scented and thick. This will keep your toilets looking and smelling fresh.

Soap and hand care

Soap and hand care
Enabling your employees to keep their own hands smelling fresh and clean is not only a good way to stop the spread of germs around the office but will also ensure that their hands are clean, soft and fragrant for their interactions with customers. Consider a liquid soap that is scented but not overpowering, has antibacterial and moisturizing properties, and can be easily installed in a soap dispenser in your washroom.

Paper disposables and dispensers

Paper disposables
Paper disposables and dispensers are great products to stop the spread of germs in your office and to make sure your employees are clean and comfortable. Choose high-quality paper towels that aren’t too rough on the skin. When purchased in bulk, this can still be an economical choice and will ensure that your employees feel welcome. Select a dispenser that’s easy to use and can hold enough product to last your office at least three full days of use. When using paper disposables in your washroom, it’s important to place a large bin beneath the dispenser.

Air fresheners

Air fresheners
Make sure your office washroom is a welcoming place for your employees by using an air freshener to ensure that the room smells fragrant and that no nasty smells are allowed to stagnate. You can choose from a range of different air fresheners available on the market from retailers such as System Hygiene to find the right smell and style to suit your workplace. Automatic air fresheners are a great choice for larger or busier offices where people are frequently using the washroom, as they will release a burst of fresh scented spray regularly.

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