5 Home Decor Apps You Must Check Out

Home décor is the most basic thing in which everyone is interested and they want that their home should look the best among all others. We have seen that in this thing most women are interested so in this article, we are giving you the top 5 applications which can help you to decorate your home. With the rise in smartphones, Apps have become very important parts of our lives. App developers such as Novoda create mobile software which is everywhere these days. You must check out all these applications.

1. Color snap:
Color snap

Color snap 1
The biggest problem of decorating a home is the paint color and color snap has just solved this issue by giving us the fantastic application. This app helps out us in selecting the best color for our home or any specific room. This app has 1500 and more colors which you can try and even you can mix shades and get some new color.

2. Zillow Digs:

Zillow Digs

Zillow Digs 1
Zillow Digs has sorted out our whole problem because it is the best decorating app. First, it asks about our budget then it tells our choice about home decoration and then after all the questions, it gives the free template, made according to our requirements. We can imagine and see virtually that in future how our home will look alike.

3. Houzz:


Houzz 1
Houzz is the biggest app if interior designing because it has 5 million high-resolution home images, tagged and organized according to the style, room, and location. We can search, create the ideas and search the best items according to our choices. We can even see what our home should have the best decoration.

4. Home-style Interior Design:

Home-style Interior Design 1

Home-style Interior Design
In this application we can style our home with 3D effects; we can set the 3D models in our room. First, we have to make the room and then we have to look forward what it looks like, we can change the color of 3D models, arrange them, delete them. Make your full room.

5. Curate:

Curate 1

Curate is another application for home decoration because with this app you can create a painting and then scan your room and see where this painting looks the most perfect. You can create your own painting with different colors and schemes.

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