Preserving Your Memories Using Personalized Blankets

Since the invention of cameras, we have seen a lot of mind-blowing pictures being taken and preserved to remind us of the past and the memories that come with them. Taking pictures is an art that has seen many people choose photography as their professional career.
Remember that time you scored that classic winning goal for your local club and won the competition? Or that time you topped your class and received a gift from the principal? What about that college trip you took down to Africa to witness the beauty of nature and the wildlife in the parks?

Well, I believe all these beautiful memories shouldn’t just be left to pass us by thus it would be great if we could capture them and keep them and one of the great ways in which you can do this is by making a photo blanket.

What is a photo blanket?

A photo blanket is simply a blanket with some photos printed on it. Many pictures can be used or you can use only one picture depending on what you would prefer.

Photo blankets are seen as one of the modern ways of preserving a photo or show off your artistic nature and abilities. A lot of companies sell blankets like that, but I’ve had good experience with VisionBedding. Imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing your pictures on your bedcovers or blankets that would be awesome right?
photo blankets

Well, this is one of the main purposes of using them as they can also make your room feel lively and comfortable.

Why photo blankets are seen as modern way to preserve memories

I believe we all have that one friend who likes decorating his room with a lot of colorful pictures. They will usually do this to share with us while showcasing the great artistic gift that they possess.

Most of us will always appreciate and admire our friend’s galleries especially if they contain pictures from a very old age. However, it becomes very unfortunate that when they pass away all these pictures and memories get lost or fades away.

Well, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words thus photographs often play a great role in preserving these memories but what happens when they fade away with time? This is where photo blankets come in.

If you have some amazing pictures or images that you cherish so much and wouldn’t want to lose them, a photo blanket would be the way to go. This is an effective way compared to having a photo gallery.

It is also much more attractive thus adding some value to your room. High-quality images are usually used when making them and don’t for a second think that these images are just silk-screened or just printed on them. No, these images are practically woven on them.

This helps in keeping the images for a long time. Weaving ensures that the images don’t fade away as time goes by. The blankets are often made to perfection thus using materials like pure cotton to ensure that you get the comfort and warmth when using them.

Well, how you use the blanket will now depend on you, whether you want to hang it on your wall or to cover yourself with like the normal blankets. Just like I said before, you can either use one picture or you can use multiple images to make a collage photo blanket.

Types of personalized blankets

Well, these blankets usually exist in many different kinds but only three of them has gained much popularity over the years and are preferred by many people. Below are the three most popular types of personalized blankets.

  • Black and white types

These types of blankets are usually made using acrylic yarn and the photo is often knitted in a way different from the other types. The color fleece types are usually thick and soft hence giving you the comfort you want. They also have some gray binding on them.

  • Color woven types

Usually made of pure cotton and designed using a process known as woven in full color. They are much softer and thick compared to the others and they also have some fringe binding.

  • color fleece types

If you want the type of blanket that will give you maximum comfort in terms of softness and a bit of thickness then this is the type you should go for.

They are manufactured using a process known as full-color dye sublimation. Unlike the other types, the color fleece blanket has a whip-stitch binding on it.

Making a personalized photo blanket

Making a personalized or a customized photo blanket is a simple task. With the correct materials, you only need to follow these simple steps and you will be good to go.

1. Organize yourself

As with everything else, you need to first get yourself organized before making any move. When it comes to making a customized photo blanket, you need to find the right materials needed for the job.

This includes finding the images you want to use and choosing the correct size for them. You will also need to choose the size of the photo blanket you aspire to make.

This can usually be done by just picking the measurements from your bed or the mattress.

2. Divide the blanket size according to the size of the images you picked

This is to ensure that all your images fit the blanket size perfectly. When dividing the blanket size, it is also recommended that you add some width allowances and borders to accommodate your designs.

If the images don’t fit as wanted, you can always resize them to avoid any problems when sewing.

3. Make sure you have enough material to make your desired blanket size

It is important that you be keen when picking the material you want to use for your photo blanket.

A white material is usually seen to be best for this job or you can use any material provided it is light colored.

The size matters because you don’t want to end up with a large blanket with few images on it or a small sized blanket that will be difficult to sew all the images on.

4. Ensure that your material is washed and ironed before you cut or sew it.

This helps in keeping the material steady and properly aligned so that you may be able to cut straight lines thus eliminating or reducing the risk of making any errors.

5. Transfer the images

After you have successfully gone through all the steps, it’s time for you to transfer the images to your light colored or white fabric. You can use this article to see how you can do it.

6. Sewing

This should be the last step after you have transferred the images. You can also seek help from an experienced person if you are having any problems.

Benefits of using customized blankets

Of course, when people tend to like something so much, there must be a reason behind it and this usually comes with advantages the item has to offer. For those who have been using or have used a customized blanket before, you might have noticed they are durable.

This is because of the design and the type of blanket materials used (you can read more about the types of materials here). The quality of the material is also a factor that leads to the durability of the blanket.
Unlike other blankets
Unlike other blankets, they have the images woven into the fabric thus eliminating any worries of which side should be facing out when using them.

The images on them are usually visible from any side depending on the material used. These images are mostly made by experienced designers thus they are always adjusted to fit properly.

Photo blankets made by experienced designers also have some attractive look. The designers will make sure that they work to the best of their abilities to come up with a fine artistic touch on the blanket. When everything is done the end product is always amazing.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of them all is the fact that images on a customized blanked can never fade away. You can wash the fabric over and over again but the images will still remain the same. As I said before images on a customized blanket are not just printed or silk screened.
You can use them for wall decoration or as normal blankets to cover up yourself with as they can still provide even much comfort and warmth compared to the ordinary blankets.


Well, as you have seen, there are many things that come with a customized blanket. Using them as a way of preserving memories has come a long way in helping us go back in time and reminisce about them.

They help in keeping the memories fresh in our minds each time we see the photos. Imagine having some sort of a family portrait on your bed and the family pet is also included, that’s cute right? Only a customized blanket can give you this satisfaction.

Unlike normal photographs, they can’t be destroyed when they come in any contact with water. Try and order one today as a gift to your loved one with a photo of them in it or get one for yourself and have more than just a blanket.

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