20 Spectacular Cowhide Rugs in The Dining Room for Modern & Stunning Concept


The cowhide rugs in the living room could be the stunning decoration idea to apply. As we know, the living room is one of the most important areas of the home, so decoration this room will also be an important job. By decorating the living room using cowhide rug, I am sure that family members will be happier in staying there.

When we are talking about the kinds and concepts of cowhide rug, we will see that there are many options to consider. In this occasion, we will show you at least 20 stunning options of cowhide rugs in the living room to consider. Check the detail information by the complete writings below.

Best Cowhide Rugs in Living Room for Stunning View

1. Interior

It is the first idea, which you may apply in your room decoration concept. This idea is good-by the rectangular carpet made from the skin of the animal. The shape shows a regular view and it is special for the neat room concept.

The base color of the carpet is the gradation of grey, so it is high in a neutral sense. It will be good when you make a contrast there. A simple way to create the contrast in the cowhide rugs in the living room is by applying wooden flooring, glassy-wooden-colored chairs, and soft wall color.

2. Gorgeous Ridge

Gorgeous Ridge
The rug is used inside the living room to make the unique and special pattern on the wooden-dark floor. When the floor is dark and the rug is lighter, it will create a special contrast, which will make the decoration shows greater and stunning.

Besides the contrast in the flooring matter, this idea is also good-by the white table, which is paired with the stainless steel chair. The whole combination will deliver the stunning result, which will please everyone who stays there.

3. Curva House

Curva House
One of the good cowhide rugs in living room ideas is the Curva House. This idea does not mean that you need to make a room with curvature. This idea uses the imitation rug with the irregular shape.

The unusual shape of the rug will deliver the abstract sense and in common, it is placed only in a part of the properties arrangement inside the room. This idea will be very good for you who have the modern living room with the big windows for bright effect.

4. Eclectic Modern

Eclectic Modern
Many people want to have the modern result in decorating their living room. Here, the Eclectic Modern could be a good idea to apply. This room decor idea is special by the combination of natural and bright view.

For the basic, the room is designed well with the white color in its ceiling and room. Then, it is added by some natural properties, as the plants, natural-colored chair, and others. Then, for the rug, you may use the brown-original rug to cover the table area for making a contrast with the white color.

5. Formosa Residence

Formosa Residence
For the calm result in decoration, the Formosa Residence could be the option for cowhide rugs in the living room. The idea combine the mid-end wall decoration with sleek fireplace. Then, it is combined with the white rug and chair for providing the romantic sense.

6. Transitional Space

Transitional Space
For the contemporary look, it will be good for you to apply the oak living room properties. It will be good to be combined with the white-patterned rug. It is simple but I am sure that it will work well for providing the stunning room inside your home!

7. Green Lake Bungalow

Green Lake Bungalow
Having the nice outdoor will be a good dream for the people. When you have it in your area, the Green Lake Bungalow could be the next cowhide rugs in living room idea to apply. This idea will bring a stunning bungalow inside your home.

The stunning outdoor view also could be transferred inside the home by using the contemporary style. It will be no problem to apply the imitation rug but please choose the white one for the neutral. By the neutral effect, you will be easier and free to combine it with other properties.

8. Hillside Condo

Hillside Condo
I think it will be the solution for you who only have small living room at home. Some people may be confused in applying the cowhide rugs in the living room because of the limited space but there is no worry needed anymore.

By the center-focus table and chair arrangement, you will have more space around the room. The rug is placed on the table and chair to make a warm sensation. Here, you need to make a contrast between the flooring and wall ideas for stunning detail.

9. Kirk in Kirkland

Kirk in Kirkland
The Kirk in Kirkland provides the stunning living room to face the outside world. It is the stunning room concept for the modern idea. The best rug to be applied here is the white-patterned one, which will be combined with the use of brown-wooden flooring.

10. Kirkland Green Built

Kirkland Green Built
Having a small space in the living room? Well, this idea could be the stunning idea to apply. This idea could be applied to make stunning living room in the part of the corner of your home.

To apply this cowhide rug in the living room, place the rug and table in the center of the room. It will be good for you to apply the original rugby its natural color and all-wooden table. Then, for the green view, please place a nice window to know the condition of outdoor.

11. Modern New Build

Modern New Build
The charming rug is placed on the floor to create a stunning contrast with the wooden-brown flooring. Then, the use of the metallic table and chair increase the modernism inside the decoration job. This idea is very stunning and it will be nice for you who have large space for the room.

12. California Modern Love

California Modern Love
For you want to feel the love of natural California, it is the nice cowhide rugs in the living room to apply. A simple rug with irregular space is placed freely on the floor –it does not cover all chair and table. Then, the plain rug is combined with the patterned wall for the awesome contrast.

13. Patchwork Rug

Patchwork Rug
The Patchwork Rug is an excellent idea for the simple but stunning result in decorating the room. As its name, the rug is built by making it into the patch. It could cover all area of table and chair for the neat arrangement.

14. Paul Kirk

Paul Kirk
The stunning cowhide rugs in the living room could be found in this idea. The brown original rug is spread in the floor. Above the rug, there are some stunning yellow chairs and glassy table for the stunning and light decoration.

15. Rustic Redux

Rustic Redux
The Rustic Redux will bring you to feel the ancient decoration idea. The room is quite unique because it is built by arranging stones and hold using the big wooden post. The rectangular big rug is spread above the floor and it is combined with the modern living room table and chair for a stunning result.

16. Silpada No.1

Silpada is the comfy and cute design idea to apply. The use of gray chair and flooring idea with some arts mounting on the wall will give a modern view. Then, the white-patterned cowhide rugs in the living room will deliver the nice and bright effect.

17. The Bishop

The Bishop
The Bishop could be the good option for the stunning and wonderful space. This idea is very special with the big painting in the wall to deliver the aesthetic value. Then, the cowhide rug is applied especially, which will show the effect of animal’s big back.

The idea of cowhide rugs in the living room here could be the excellent option for the modern people. I am sure that everyone will get the better comfort in staying in the room with this sleek decor concept.

18. The Home of Bianca

The Home of Bianca
Bianca is very special for the white home. All-important properties come with the white. Then, the big cowhide rugs come with the dark-brown color for the stunning contrast and it is placed outside the table area.

19. Mid-Century Touches

Mid-Century Touches
Applying the stone fireplace inside the living room sometimes is good to create a warm effect. Then, to bring the decoration back to the mid-century, you need to apply the oak-varnished table and chair. The cowhide rug itself is placed to cover the table area with white-patterned in base appearance.

20. Upper Rock-ridge

Upper Rock-ridge
The last idea in choosing the cowhide rugs in the living room is the Upper Rock-ridge. It is the simple but stunning idea to apply in decorating the living room. This decor idea is very sleek by its contrast color.

The white cowhide rug is placed in the dark wooden flooring for the nice contrast. Then, the wall design also provides the nice contrast by the lined-soft colored concept.

With some explanations as above, we may see that there are at least stunning cowhide rugs in the living room, which could be an interesting idea to renew the look of room decor. You are free in choosing the decoration idea, as you want but please combine it with the style of your home for an awesome result.


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