Top 5 Colorful Wall Designs for Your Children Bedroom

Decorating your kid’s bedroom is an opportunity to play with themes and color schemes. Creating children’s bedroom paint idea can be exciting. It is like creating a heaven for your kids that is perfect for them. Children spend most of their time sleeping, working and reading in their bedroom. So, it is important to decorate their room with delightful colors. Choosing children’s bedroom colour schemes is a very difficult task because it depends upon the age and gender of your children. Generally, boys prefer bold colors and girls prefer light colors. So choosing the right color schemes becomes difficult for the parents. Interior designers recommend using color wheels to simplify the selection process.

Most of us focus on a pile of toys and attractive clothes and overlook the abilities of the colors that can contribute to the development of your children. We all agree with the fact that colors have the ability to alter our mood and trigger our imaginations. Choice of color has a great impact on the psychological development of your children. They have the ability to heal, inspire and can affects the personality of your children. Therefore, picking a right color for your kid’s bedroom is very crucial.

These colorful wall design ideas will make your children happy no matter what age group they belong to;

Two shades in same tone

Two shades in same tone

Using two colors with the similar tones will create a balanced look for your kid’s bedroom. Use cute paint colors for bedroom like light blue and light green because they have relaxing properties and can relax your child. Soft green and yellow shades are ideal for your child’s bedroom. Choose a soothing color like lavender and soft blue because it helps to change the mood of your children.

Paint a colorful pattern

Patterns are an easy kids room wall décor ideas and can really energize your young children’s room. Choose vertical or horizontal stripes depending upon the size of your toddler’s bedroom. Stripes are very popular these days and kids love them to have in their bedroom. Stripes are the popular ways to introduce fun into a room, especially if you implement them across the ceiling and down the opposite wall. Stripes can be horizontal or vertical and can also add personality.

Set a theme

Children love fairy tales and cartoons. They often dream about their favorite characters. Girls play with dolls and dream of their prince charming. Children make a collection of their superheroes, favorite cartoon characters, and favorite sports person and want to be as great as they are. You can make your child feel very happy by creating a bedroom with the ideas of their favorite cartoon character. It is not very difficult to create such themes and usually only depends on your imagination.
Set a theme
One of the simple and fresh ways to create the right atmosphere is to use several wall stickers that also have a considerable advantage: they are not very expensive and brings originality to the design of your kid’s bedroom. Themes are an amazing way to add a thrill to the room.

Choose warm and inviting colors

Warm colors are the great design ideas when it comes to decorating your children’s bedroom because warm colors have the power to inspire happiness for your younger ones. Moreover, they have the ability to make open spaces feel friendly for your children. Warm colors help to create a comfortable environment and makes a room inviting. If used in moderation, they have the power to stimulate and energize the mind of your children. Use warm and cool colors to decorate the walls of your children’s Bedroom to make it feel comfortable.

Colorful wallpapers

Colorful wallpapers
Removable wallpapers are more effective idea for your youngster’s bedroom. If you are thinking of using wallpapers, use wallpaper borders to please your children. First of all, choose the border you want to use and then select a paint that matches the colors in the border. It is an easier wall design idea than trying to choose a paint for your child’s bedroom. Kid’s room wallpapers have been designer favorite. Wallpaper can also be ideal for themed rooms. Wallpaper is easy to hang and comes with peel-and-stick options to protect your walls.

Credit: John’s Painting Group, House Painters in Sydney for the tips.

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