How to Purchase Outdoor Lighting- Designing and Planning Tips


Outdoor Lighting

The best outdoor lighting should remain useful equally to its beautiful appearance. In this guide, we have explained how to purchase lighting as per your requirements and develop a solid curb charm for your home.

3 Reasons For Purchasing Outdoor Lighting

Reasons For Purchasing Outdoor Lighting
By understanding the advantages of outdoor lighting, you can develop a lighting plan which works best for your house. The three major reasons to have lights around or outside your house are as follows.

Adds curb appeal: Attractive lighting in the outdoors enhances attractiveness to any home. Just similar to the post light, it is a little extra decoration you can do to beautify your house. It adds a welcoming touch. It is recommended to install beautiful lights in several locations to achieve a layered look along with the maximum appeal.

Creates a unified presence: Apart from curb appeal, the light fixtures of the same model or same style offers a cohesive look.

Adds security and safety: It is necessary to check whether you have installed ample light around the house. Ensure to check whether it is installed near walkways, patios, and doorways.

How To Select The Best Outdoor Lights For Your House?

There are several choices available. It mostly depends upon the location you are installing the lighting fixture.
How To Select The Best Outdoor Lights For Your House
Wall Lights:

It is best to use in garages, entryways, patios, and porches. The classic back or front porch light can be used any vertical surface. It is one of the most preferred wall lights. It is commonly seen in outdoor fixtures. Such wall lights are attractive and durable and also helps to brighten the surrounding area and your home.

Hanging Lights And Ceiling Lights:

It is best to use in covered patios and porches. Do you need extra light for the covered verandah or porch? Are you finding a room missing for wall lights? Hanging lights and ceiling lights are the best options. It is designed for damp locations. They should be never exposed to rain directly. It is sure these fixtures remain as a beautiful and bright addition to your house.

Pier Mountain Lights And Post Lights:

It is best to use in patios, driveways, and walkways. Post lights are solid fixtures which are mounted on above the posts. As they are usually fixed in open air places like pathways and driveways, the majority of post lights have wet ratings. It means they are developed to endure direct exposure to moisture and rain. The post’s diameter which is also referred to as pole differs as per the design.

Pier mountain lights are almost similar to post lights. They are well designed to be set up above the walls or columns. In certain cases, the adaptors are provided. You need to setup post light fixtures ahead of walls or columns.

Security lights:

It is best to install in garages, alleys, and walkways. It is the best solution for secure and safe property. The movement is triggered because of motion sensor lights. Particularly security lights provide a flood like, bright light which assists ward off intruders.

Motion sensor lights can be used even for decorative purposes. The designs are ideal for high traffic places since they automatically switch on whenever required.

Landscape lights:

It is best to install landscape features and garden. Landscape lighting is the best voltage system apart from the ceiling lights and wall as listed. Floodlights, spot, and path can be utilized along to offer your property an amusing rich look.

Do not over light: If you have plans to install in the outdoors, a little light remains useful. Most homeowners do the mistake of using too bright lights outside. A bulb is more adequate for outdoor areas.

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