The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Shower Faucet

When you are building or remodeling your bathroom, most of the complications come into play when you are trying to choose the perfect shower system. Well, you have to consider so many things when you are choosing a shower system. The rest of the bathroom decor also needs to be in consideration before you go and get a shower faucet. Even after the matching to the rest of the decor of the bathroom, you have to consider some technical things that might come in action while using the setup. In this article, we are going to go through all the important things you must consider before buying a shower faucet setup

First thing first, Get your budget right

When you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom, the thing you must consider before anything else is the budget. You have to make a rough budget before you go shopping. A shower faucet can cost on average from $150 to $400 depending on what features you want.
First thing first, Get your budget right with multiple features and accessibility will cost you much more than regular faucets. And in addition to the actual price you are going to pay, some other costs are to be considered! Such as the labor cost and the interior designing cost (If you hire one).

Choose the right shower valves for you

When you are choosing your shower faucet, The very first thing you will have to take into consideration is the shower valves. This is the plumbing part of your whole setup which controls the pressure of the water flow of your shower. The handles you operate while using the shower are attached to those valves. They go inside the wall, so you can’t really see them. But they are the most important part of your shower.
Choose the right shower valves for you
There are two types of shower valves, One is thermostatic and the other one comes with manual options. The thermostatic valves come with a device inside it which Turns the water flow once the water temperature rises above a certain degree. With the manual one, you have to do it yourself.

Faucet type and configuration:

When you are trying to pick a shower faucet, you will notice there are so many variants in shower-heads. Generally, they are 5 of them you can choose from:

  1. Single-head shower: This type of showers have only one head with Four or Five nozzles with it. Together they spray water with different intensity levels. You can control the stream with the handle attached to the valve inside the wall. The head usually is attached directly to the wall
  2. Rain showers: Rainshower are flat in general and they spray water like rain from above the user’s head. You need to suspend it right above your head under the roof. Determine a place where you usually stand while taking a shower.
  3. Hand-held shower: Hand-held showers are operated with a single head that attached to a long flexible hose. So this type of shower has the flexibility to wash Hard-to-reach places of your body. Especially this particular type is compatible for those who need to sit while taking the shower. Perfect for an old person.
  4. Multiple headed shower: This type of shower comes with Two or more shower-heads. They are all controlled by a single handle, sometimes more than one. One goes as a rain shower, one goes as a Hand-held and sometimes one more as a Single head shower.
  5. Body spray faucets: This type of shower comes with multiple shower spray and they spray water with high speed all over your body from every direction. Usually, there is one overhead rain spray head, and Six to Eight sprayers on either side of your body. They are controllable in terms of the intensity level of the water pressure. They also come with a hand-held sprayer head sometimes. Usually, this type of shower faucet comes with a bigger price tag

Check the water pressure

Check the water pressure
The water pressure of a shower is a big factor when you are getting a shower faucet. Usually, the water pressure of a shower head faucet should be between 40 to 60 PSI. Make sure to check the PSI when you are getting the shower. Most of the hardware stores have a device that can be screwed into the head to test the Pressure. make sure that you are not taking any higher pressure. The pressure can also become lower when clogs, leaks or anything else goes wrong in the line.

The accessories:

When you are getting a shower set, make sure you get the right accessories. The accessories you need in general are:

1. Diverters

You need diverters to shift the water flow from the tank to the shower-head. The diverters are usually located on the spout. You need to pull the diverter upward to activate the shower-head.

2. Anti-scald valves

You need an anti-scald valve to be protected from extreme temperatures or sudden bursts. It will prevent freezing when you are in the shower when you or someone else flushes the toilet.

3. Pressure-balancing valves

A pressure balancing valve will help you with the water temperature. It will maintain a water temperature you set as a temperature preset and balance the water whenever the temperature drops or rises suddenly.

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