What is Roof Underlayment and Why Do You Need One?

If you are building your house or remodeling the roof, applying an underlayment is as important as making the roof itself in the first place. But choosing and applying a roof underlayment can be a tricky job unless you are a roofing professional. There are so many types and qualities available for roof underlayment. Which one you should choose and why you must know before you go get a roofing solution. Today we are just going to go through all the things you should know before you go for a roof underlayment.

What is a roof underlayment?

A roof is usually made with 3 layers. The first is the base or the deck we call. It’s visible from the inside of the house, what you see from the attic, it works as the base of the other 2 layers and it holds them both. The very top layer is the shingle, which works as the main protection shield to your house from sun, rain, storm, and everything. And the other layer goes in between those two. And that’s the underlayment.
What is a roof underlayment

It works as the extra protection to rain, water leaks. It also allows the humidity and air to escape from the deck and keep it in good condition. That’s why the underlayments are usually made with semi-breathable products. There are two types of roofing underlayment system:

  1. Felt underlayment
  2. Synthetic underlayment

Which one should you choose?

Now, If you don’t have a budget problem, I would like to directly refer you to go for a synthetic underlayment. But if you are tight in budget, you may give a think to the felt underlayment. they are less expensive. But they are heavier and thicker than synthetic and gives you less protection from bad weather as it is way less weather-resistant itself compared to a synthetic one. They absorb water and start wrinkling quickly.

On the other hand, If you have the budget for synthetic underlayment, Don’t hesitate to go for it. Despite their higher price, they will pay you off once you get it done. They can last you more than a decade with constant weather-resistance and protection. They are not that prone to water and humidity, so they don’t start wrinkling so fast since they aren’t made of organic fibers. And they are lighter and easier to install too!

So, now you can decide what will be the best roof underlayment for you!

Why do you need roofing underlayment?

Why do you need roofing underlayment
Now you may ask, why do I even need a roof underlayment in the first place? here I will show you some reason why you must have a roof underlayment on your roof:

Water-resistance is a must!

Having a good set of shingles on your roof may not be enough water-resistant solutions when it will be a storm or heavy rain around. The edge of the shingle application may teared off if a heavy wind comes under the shade. If you don’t have an underlayment, you get into trouble, because the water may get absorbed by the deck and get inside the house. If you have a good roof underlayment, you can be worry-free and keep dry even when it’s a huge storm going outside the house.

Moisture barrier

When the shingles are the first line of defence of your house from the sky, shingles alone cannot protect you from every possible damage you might face over time. The shingles are vulnerable to heavy wind. Heavy wind can lift up shingles at the corners and the edges as they are not protected there, The water could get inside with wind-driven rain. if you don’t use a roof underlayment, you will end up having a big chance to get moisture to your deck and eventually it will wreck up easily.

Protection from the heavy storm

If there is a heavy storm or cyclone going on over your roof, it is highly possible for your shingles to tear off the deck of the roof and as you can imagine, you will be in deep trouble if that happens at any point. but a roof underlayment can help you with that! underlayment not only protects you from sun and water, but it also works as a wind guard for you when the shingles are ripped off by the wind. They do two things at that time. Keeps your house free from water, Lets the wind go smoothly pass the roof. As they are tightly attached to the deck and they have plain surface, they are not that easy to tear apart and get through.

Bad weather and winter regions

If you live in a part of the world where winter is too often and your home often gets covered by snow, you must get a roof underlayment. The shingles cannot alone protect your roof and house from a heavy load of ice and water. The underlayment protects the roof deck from the water and moisture that might get through the shingles.

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