The Importance Of Sanitation And Water

It is a matter of fact that the world has an increased threat of water crises along with an alarming threat of sanitation as well. These days we can see that cleanliness is rare in most of the places around us and the pollution is getting worse with time. Moreover, the reservoirs of clean water are also getting distinct either because of the pollution or because of the waste of excess of water. Therefore there is a great need to save water and have sanitation programs on a large basis to save the world and humanity.

The Water and Sanitation for All

The SWA Water is a global organization which is established so as to ensure the reach of every common man to the sanitation and water. There have been numerous surveys conducted through the years which shows devastating stats of about 2.4 billion of people having no access to the sanitation while more than 956 million of people were deprived of having clean water to drink as well as 665 million of people were not even able to have access to usable water resources. These stats are based on the lives of the people from all across the globe including Africa and Asia where the stats were alarming.

The Key Partners of SWA Water

There are almost 100 partners of sanitation and water for all, comprising of development partners, governments, non-government organizations, and civil societies which are working together for improved accountability, high-level action, and using the scarce resources in an efficient manner. There were numerous high-level meetings held over the years considering different aspects to help people in the underdeveloped regions to have an easy access to improved sanitation and clean drinkable water.

The History of SWA

The SWA was first of all conceptualized in the year 2006 by a number of sanitation and water authorities for having improved results. In the following year, two publications were made.

  • The Human development report was mentioning the rate of poverty, in access to water and sanitation etc. The report was pointing out the need for urgent donors who would provide an institutional mobilization for the resources to move and help those with the scarce resources. The main agenda was also to have access to sanitation for all.
  • The second publication was of the Department of the International Development and was catering the need of a combined global action to enable people of underprivileged regions to have access to clean water and improved sanitation.
  • The Major Areas of Focus of SWA

    • The SWA Water is delivering a framework for the partners and alliances to get in touch on a global, regional, and national scale in the priority areas discussed below.
    • First point was to have an increased political prioritization for the acceleration of the progress to have a universal access to the improved water reservoirs and sanitation.
    • The second point was the promotion of the development of the strong evidence base for the support of instantly good decisions.
    • The third point was to give strength to the government led planning processes for the guidance of the development and implementation of improved drinking water and sanitation.
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