Key Features of a Quality Pedicure Chair


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Pedicure Chair

The pedicure chair is the main piece of equipment of any beauty establishment, be it a beauty salon, a spa or a nail salon. For a long time, the pedicure was performed in a chair alongside a basin used for washing the feet. However, nowadays most beauty establishments use modern pedicure thrones, designed to provide a comfortable experience for the clients while the nail technicians do their jobs. There are countless pedicure chairs on the market, each one with their pros and cons. Finding the right one requires a lot of care and consideration, as this is a considerable investment. In the following lines, we will discuss the main features that make the difference between different pedicure chairs.

Comfort features

Pedicure Chair Comfort features

Your client’s comfort is the most important factor that you must consider when comparing different chairs. Your staff can adjust their work in any environment, but how satisfied your clients will be, will depend on how comfortable your chairs are. So, make sure to choose a hydraulic chair, with a comfortable padding and a quality upholstery. The leather is the best choice, as it feels comfortable, and it is also easy to clean. The seat should have adjustable height, as well as adjustable armrests and footrests. There are also other features that can make the spa experience more comfortable for the client, such as a magazine rack, a cup holder, a sound system and even internet connectivity, for clients who simply can’t stay away from their smartphones.

Plumbing requirements

When it comes to the plumbing, these chairs can be divided into three main categories. First of all, you have no-plumbing chairs. These chairs feature a removable basin, which needs to be filled and emptied manually. You can also opt for a drain pump to make the emptying process more comfortable for your staff, but you will still have to remove the basin to have it cleaned after each client. These chairs are old models, and it is unlikely to still find them unless you are buying a used chair.

Secondly, there are the piped-in chairs. These chairs are connected to a water pipe, but they also feature a pipe system in their base, through which the water is circulated, to create a whirlpool effect. Piped-in chairs were very popular for a while, and you can still find many such models on the market. The problem is that the internal pipe system can’t be cleaned and it is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so we advise you to avoid them. The best choice is a pipe-less pedicure chair. Such a chair is connected to a water pipe, but it uses a jet system, so the dirty water is never circulated through the main pipe. You can find the best pipe-less pedicure chairs at JA USA. The JA USA chairs also come with numerous other modern features, meant to take the pedicure experience to the highest level of comfort.

Massage systems

Pedicure Chair Massage systems
The best pedicure thrones feature modern massage systems. These types of chairs are obviously more expensive, but it is worth considering this investment, as this is the type of service that can make the difference between you and your competitors. With such a chair, your clients will benefit from both a pedicure and a massage at the same time. The best chairs are the ones featuring Shiatsu and Human Touch massage programs.

Extra convenience features

To help your staff do their job faster and more efficient, you could opt for chairs featuring manicure trays and technician stools. It also helps if you can find a chair with an acetone-proof basin so that your technicians can easily clean eventual polish stains. A ventilation system can also be a good idea, to keep the toxic nail polish vapors away from your clients and your staff. Some chairs even come with a water sensor, so that your technicians don’t have to keep an eye on the foot tub while it is filling.

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