Interior Design Trends to Try Right Now!

Interior design is an art. It is about how we experience spaces in our daily lives. It involves both meeting our aesthetic and practical needs. When you invite someone to your home, you want them to feel welcome. You want them to think, wow, I wish I lived here! By making a few simple, bold changes, you can achieve this.

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Here are four fun interior design trends you can try in your own space right away!

Statement Rugs

Interior Design Statement Rugs

People often consider rugs as an accessory, but they can make or break your room’s aesthetic as the foundation piece that ties the whole space together. If you are redesigning an entire room, start with the rug first. After you choose your area rug, it’s much easier to pick out paint colors, fabrics, light fixtures, and other elements to go with it. Every aspect of the room should connect back to the rug. If you have wall-to-wall carpet, don’t worry: it is not at all an interior design faux pas to add a rug on top. In fact, it will add a little more playfulness to the area and provides boundaries for your furniture.

Framed Plants

Interior Design Framed Plants
Live house plants are also a huge trend right now. However, if you are worried about not having much of a green thumb, you can take this shameless easy route! You never have to worry about your wall botanicals dying once you press them and remove the moisture. You can find many simple tutorials for how to do this online, and the process involves items you may already have at home. You can make your own wall art with just about any leaf or flower of any size. For extra flare, we recommend using botanicals from your own yard to pull the design of your home together from the outside in!


Interior Design Ideas Texture Wallpaper
One of the best ways to achieve texture, besides in your fabrics, is with wallpaper. However, isn’t wallpaper an outdated trend? Not anymore! There has been an uptick in wallpaper usage for its subtlety and intrigue. Accent walls with a pop of color became an outdated style. Your walls don’t have to be loud to have an impact on the eye. Look for something like a polished plaster effect, silk, or grasscloth wallpaper. A great home decor site like Wallpaper Boulevard can help you find any design or color you need for your project.

Geometric Tiles and Accents

Interior Design Ideas Geometric Tiles
Geometric styles have been popular in fashion for a while, and now is the time for them to be popular in homes! Geometry is taking interior design by storm with geometric tiles and accent tables. In the kitchen as a backsplash or in the kitchen or bathroom as a floor, geometric tiling can make a bold statement. Be sure to keep the rest of your decor minimal, because the tile is loud enough. You can also pair stark geometric patterns with your textured wallpaper as unexpected complementary elements. The variety of patterns and colors makes this a trend suitable for any style or preference!

This does not include all the interior design trends from this year. However, they offer a great start to updating your home! You can mix and match any of these in the rooms of your choosing, and play them up or down to fit your personal style. Interior design involves a great deal of your own expression, even within the common trends. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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