The Convenience and Fun of Smart Home Residences

5 Advanced Features You’ll Love

Can you believe how much technology has leapt forward in the past decade? Our vehicles are smarter and packed with more safety and convenience features than ever before. Our phones can practically do anything now. And modern living is finally catching up. The concept of “the smart home” and “the smart apartment” are becoming more common in the real estate and rental world, especially with new development. Not only are these new smart features more efficient and convenient, they’re flat-out fun to use. Here is our list of top five features to look for at smart home luxury apartments.

The Smart Thermostat – Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because you were either freezing or sweating so much you had to kick the covers off? With the smart thermostat, you control the temp right from your smartphone through an app. This keeps you from having to stumble through your apartment in the middle of the night to adjust it.


Smart Locks – We’ve all had that moment where we leave the apartment, get down to the car, pull out of the parking lot and think: “Did I lock the door?” Much like the smart thermostat, your door locks can now be controlled through an app with the touch of a button. This is super convenient for those times you accidentally forget or lose your keys somehow.

Smart Lighting – Lighting is no longer a simple game of flipping a switch to on or off. The beauty of smart lighting is that you can control all your lights, the setting that they’re at, and what color they are right on your phone. Smart lighting presets are perfect for when you want instant ambiance or need extra illumination for work.

Smart Sound & Screen – Imagine this…you come home from a long day at the office, set your stuff down on the counter, and say, “Alexa…play Lady Gaga.” Suddenly, music is pulsing through your entire place. That’s only a sample of what you can do now with smart home accessories like the Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, or other AI system. You can start a movie, song, or control aspects within the home simply by using your voice.

Smart Surveillance – Knowing who is at your door without having to get up is a feature we love in the smart home revolution. With smart surveillance systems you can check to see who is outside on your phone or tablet. A camera system especially comes in handy if there’s a package left at your front door and you want to make sure it’s not left unattended.


Upgrade to a Smart, Luxury Apartment Home

Luxury apartments in Overland Park are available and boast a comprehensive list of features and amenities. Not only does this make for an overall better living experience, but it’s also fun to have all the aspects of your home available at a touch of a button. You’ll be able to control your lights, locks, security, and any other detail of your home. Welcome to the future of modern apartment home living!

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