Packing Up? Refer to This Complete Moving Day Checklist



Moving homes is often an emotional experience as you experience a mixture of excitement, denial, and sadness — with a healthy dose of stress thrown in. Relocating takes a lot of time and energy from start to finish as you pack up your belongings and move into your new space. 

It’s common for homeowners to make mistakes on moving day, costing valuable time and money. Forgetting to check your insurance policy or transfer your utilities, for example, can put you in a bind. Another all-too-common mistake is hiring the first cheap moving company you come across, which could spell disaster for your belongings’ safety.

However, with the right approach, you can steer clear of these costly mistakes and sidestep unnecessary stress. Take a look at this moving day checklist to ensure your relocation process runs as smoothly as possible.

But first, power through pre-moving-day tasks

Streamline the relocation process pre-move in by completing a few essential tasks ahead of time. Disassembling large furniture items you own can aid movers and speed up packing times while compiling documentation (credit cards, maps, rental agreement) ensures you won’t lose them in the chaotic shuffle. 

To give you peace of mind and keep your beloved vehicle safe and sound, you should also employ highly-reviewed car shipping services, like Guardian Auto Transport. Working with a vehicle freighting company will take the stress off your plate and guarantee smooth travels for your various vehicles. 

Once you’ve completed pre-moving day tasks, get ready to tackle day-of responsibilities by building a comprehensive moving day check-list.


Designate one box for essentials 

Before the boxes start stacking up in the moving truck, pull out the necessary items you’ll need on the first night at your new home. You should set aside toiletries and a change of clothes to avoid late-night digging through box after box. Unpacking cleaning supplies and kitchen essentials are also helpful to prevent mess and extra take-out garbage. By packing a necessities box, you’ll have everyday items at the ready, allowing you to tackle unpacking when the time comes.

Give your movers instructions

Whether you’re employing a professional moving company, paying helpful friends in pizza, or a combination of both, you’ll want to make sure everyone knows the plan. Gather everyone together and overview the gameplan to ensure everyone is in the know. That way, once moving day comes around, the process will be smooth and chaos-free.

Keep morale high

Moving day can be long and exhausting. Make sure you have plenty of water bottles and snacks on hand — especially if it’s hot outside — so everyone stays hydrated and nourished. If your schedule allows, take breaks during the packing process to enjoy time with any family or friends who stop by to congratulate you on your new home.

Do a final sweep

Before you pull out of the driveway, walk through your home and check every inch carefully to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Open cabinets, scour the garage, and check closets for left-behind items to avoid unnecessary trips back and forth. Carefully combing through your house will guarantee no belongings are left behind. After your final sweep, you’ll be ready to lock the door one last time and start the journey to your new home. 


To wrap up

Gearing up for a move is stressful no matter how you spin it. However, you can ease worries and streamline the process by completing steps before the big day. Check off items one by one, and you’ll be ready to jump into your new-and-improved home. 

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