Biggest Winter Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

Choosing the time of the year and looking for the most favorable months for the wedding, it is worthwhile to pitch upon winter for many reasons:

  • romantic and beautiful time;
  • the ability to select the time and date of the ceremony, without hullabaloo;
  • lower prices for all services.

The opportunity to choose a royal winter wedding dress is excellent! In such a dress, a bride-to-be emphasizes elegance and sophistication. Wedding gown trends are rich, and girls with different tastes can choose the most beautiful wedding dresses up to their preferences.

How to Choose Winter Style Wedding Dresses


To create the self-image that you will remember for a long time and impress everyone at the wedding ceremony, take several criteria as a basis for choosing the perfect combination that suits you.

What Colors are in Trend in Winter?

White Cathytelle wedding dress for the winter season is a classic of the genre. And since it suits almost everyone, this is a win-win opportunity to look perfect at your wedding.

The trend of the season is pastel blue and gray shades. They can create a gentle image and can turn you into a magnificent snow queen.

Dresses of pale pink, powdery for a wedding ceremony in winter, arise sensation of the gentle touch of a rose petal.

Warm milk will help to keep you warm on frosty evenings. And the shade of ivory will warm the bride on a cold but essential day in her life and emphasize her delicate taste.

Winter bridal gowns in red shades are an unusual, contrasting choice. They tell about love and sincerity, which will warm the bride-to-be and bridegroom and everyone around as if a flame of fire during a walk and photo session.

Deep blue and violet shades give the bride-to-be a stateliness and luxuriance.

Long Sleeve Dresses are the Best Choice for Winter Wedding


The best way to impart some additional warmth to your wedding gown is by wearing a wedding dress with sleeves. The sleeves could be different: three-quarter length, long or short, it doesn’t matter. Every lady selects them up to her choice, though if we talk about the winter season, long sleeves are better. Such dresses cover your shoulders and provide an opportunity to feel yourself as if you’re a queen at the coronation ceremony!

Modern designers admire long sleeve wedding dresses. They think that if you’re keeping warm, it doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing style!

Just add a little bit of coverage to keep the chills at bay. We especially love this Cathy Telle design. The emblazoned sleeves and beatified waist details draw the top’s attention, so it will keep a bride-to-be in warmth and impress the guests with its beauty.

Winter Dress StyleTrends

For the cold season, there are no restrictions in the forms. It can be A-silhouettes, ball-gown or a “mermaid” or even a gown with a shortened skirt. The main task is to make it look harmonious and consistent with the weather.

The easiest way not to suffer from cold in a wedding dress is winter styles with sleeves. And they fit any model. Gorgeous wedding gowns with sleeves are presented in any modern collection.

The division of the bride’s outfits by season is very arbitrary because the same style can turn from summer to winter with the use of accessories and decorations.

Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Handmade ready to ship wedding dresses are in trend this winter. Modern brides prefer unique dresses made especially for them. Cathy Telle dresses are popular now among women who have select preferences. They give a bride a unique opportunity to feel stylish and impressive. Of course, such a dress is just a dream for most girls who spend long hours looking for the only piece.

What are the Advantages of Handcrafted Wedding Dresses?


First of all, it is the size. The dress is sewn following the bride’s taste, taking into account the parameters of her figure. There are no unpleasant fillings and rubbing. The dress fits the bride perfectly. Secondly, there is a possibility to choose shades and their combination and style.

Thirdly, the presence of handwork in the decoration: most often, jewelry is rhinestones, beads, embroidery, which gives a unique charm and looks beautiful.

Most designer dresses contain precious stones as jewelry, which has a significant impact on the price. Of course, an exclusive handmade item has never been cheap. It does not at all depend on the fact brides want to have such a dress. Handwork means that the thing will always make with love. The master put the soul into it. Therefore, it can bring happiness and a lot of positive emotions.

What jewelry sewn to wedding dresses are popular now?

A handmade wedding dress can turn any girl into a queen. Many craftswomen and designers use various lace patterns as decoration, which look like inserts or are sewn onto a dress.

Most often, various compositions of rhinestones and beads are sewn onto the bodice. At the same time, the delicate embroidery on the bodice or the hem looks great. Often, light silk threads are used when embroidering because they look sophisticated and not harsh. Recently, it became popular to make a handmade dress with large bright flowers. This outfit is very unusual and beautiful. Therefore, if you do not dream of a traditional bride dress, you can opt for such an exclusive one. The real trend should get particular attention – a dress with black stones and embroidered black flowers. It creates an elegant and stylish look that is very popular this season.

Among designers, the decoration of dress straps is also typical. They are metallic, curly, decorated with stones and rhinestones.

In addition to rhinestones, embroidery, lace, you can decorate the dress with natural or decorative flowers. They are usually attached to the hem of a skirt, bodice, arms, and hair. It certainly looks impressive. Just pay attention to the fact that not all flowers look fresh all day long. So that by the evening their appearance does not deteriorate, you need to choose only those that stand for a long time. Flowers are often used from the most delicate chiffon or silk, which look just as beautiful as live ones. It is usually complicated to see the difference between the real and sewn.

The division of the bride’s outfits by season is very dogmatic because the same style can turn from summer to winter with the use of accessories and decorations.

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