The Complete Guide to Buying Energy Efficient Windows

Buying the right energy efficient windows can dramatically reduce your costs. Learn how to pick the most energy efficient windows here.

Did you know that you can save 10% to 20% on energy costs by eliminating air leaks at home?

That’s right!

Your windows are some of the first places to check for and eliminate drafts from. The older or more damaged your windows are, the more likely you are to find leaks in them.

In this case, it may be best to just replace them with the most energy efficient windows. Aside from reducing air leaks, these new windows will also lower your overall energy use.

Ready to learn more about these cost-saving, high-performance windows? Then let’s get started!

Choose Energy Star Certified Windows

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Energy Star windows have shown to lower household energy use by 12% on average. These energy-efficient windows make use of high-quality framing materials and multiple glass panes. They’ve also undergone independent testing that ensures they meet strict DOE performance standards.

Low U-Value Rating

The most efficient windows also have a low U-value (also known as U-Factor). This is a measurement of the window’s insulating ability and how much heat loss it can resist. The highest U-Factor rating you’ll find today is 1.3.

However, you want your windows to have a low U-value. The lower it is, the more resistant the window is to heat loss. The best windows have a rating of 0.30 or even lower.

Low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Ratings (SHGC)

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SHGC measures the amount of heat, or energy from the sun, that the windows transmit. These ratings can range from 0 to 1.

The higher the SHGC is, the greater its solar gain potential. As such, a window with a high SHGC allows more heat to penetrate and enter your home.

That said, it’s best to get sun-facing windows with a lower SHGC rating. For instance, a window with a 0.30 SHGC will admit 50% less heat than one with a 0.6 SHGC rating.

Multiple Glazing or Glass Panes

In 2017, almost six in 10 homes in the US had double- or triple-paned windows. The rest were still using outdated single-glazed windows.

We say outdated because single-paned windows are the least efficient windows. One study found that homes with single-paned windows had heating costs as high as $875. In homes with double-paned windows, heating costs only ran between $575 and $600.

Triple-glazed windows could be 16% even more efficient than double-paned windows. They may cost more, but they’re definitely the most efficient window type in the market today.

Smart Features

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Some of the best windows today also make use of smart glass. The electrochromic coating used in these panes allows the windows to automatically adjust. The windows can “act” on their own by lowering or raising tint levels based on how much sunlight and heat there is.

You can also control these windows through a mobile app. You can set timers for when they should open or close. You can also arrange them to let more light in at certain times of the day.

Invest in the Most Energy Efficient Windows Now

There you have it, your ultimate guide on how to choose the most energy efficient windows. These high-performance windows do cost more than the sub-par kind, but they’re worth it. Especially since top-of-the-line windows can last you up to two decades.

Looking for even more home improvement tips like this? Then be sure to check out the rest of the how-to guides under this site’s Improvement page!

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