How do You Pet-Proof Your Apartment?


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As a pet lover, having a pet is the best thing that can happen to you. A pet comes as a new member of the family tagging along with it lots of commitments. Before bringing them in, it is important to make sure that your apartment is pet-friendly to protect the pet from your stuff and vice versa.

1. Be Aware of The Costs


It is very important to know the costs of transforming your apartment to become pet-friendly. Some rented apartments charge pet-rent on a monthly basis or some fee to allow you have them around. Making your apartment pet-friendly also comes with certain costs including pet gates, pads, cleaning agents, toys etc. Consider all the costs that you would incur for having the pet around you before you get it.

2. Create A Pup Space for Relaxation

Your pet needs a good and safe relaxation space in your apartment. Dedicate a room or space within the apartment where you place its bed and toys. Choose an area with an easy to clean flooring material so that you may not have problems cleaning the messes. Dogs often feel comfortable in a pet carrier or kennel, because it gives them a sense of having a safe space of their own.

3. Keep Toxic Items Away

Keep Toxic Items Away
Animals are curious naturally and just like children, they will want to taste new things. Lock away all the chemicals in a safe place that is out of reach by your pet. Things like the cleaning agents and other toxic liquids would kill your pet if it happens to drink them. Locking them up is one way of saving your pet’s life.

4. Keep Electric Cords Unplugged

The same curiosity we mentioned earlier applies to keep cords unplugged and safely stored. Our homes tend to have cords everywhere there are electronic appliances. These cords can bring about serious problems for your pet if not well kept. They can chew these cords which is hazardous to them as well as causing damage to your electronics. You can either hide the cords or put them out of your pet’s reach.

5. Have Plenty of Toys for Your Pet

Pets are playful by nature. It is necessary to have plenty of toys for them around the apartment to play with. Toys distract your pet from becoming mischievous while looking for something to play with. They would end up messing up with your shoes, carpet, seats or other things around the house.

6. Close the Toilet Lid at All Times

Your dog may see your toilet as simply a bowl of water to play with. The chemicals from the cleaners you use to clean your toilets can be toxic and make them really sick. You don’t want the expenses of seeing the pet’s doctor now and then, right? Make it a habit to keep the lid closed all the time to avoid that.

7. Be Ready to Clean

Be Ready to Clean
Just like having toddlers around your apartment, be ready to clean unexpected messes from time to time. Have your cleaning items ready, pet brushes, carpet cleaners, mops, and all the necessary items to have to attend to pet accidents. Expect to take care of pet messes until it is properly trained to go outside.

8. Expect Things to Go Wrong

Do not be frustrated when things still go wrong after doing them right. We are forgetful beings and sometimes we might be in a hurry to leave the house. Mishaps are normal when you are having a dog pet and it does not mean you are not doing a good job.

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