The Coming Decade for Residential Design

You have a choice when looking for a new home, you can purchase one that has already been built, or you can opt for one that you design yourself.

But, whichever option you choose, you can be sure that the changing trends in residential design will affect the property you’ll hoping to build or purchase.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that residential design is a fast-moving industry with a lot of new and exciting opportunities.

Of course, if you’re hoping to build your own home you’re going to need luxury home builders and a good architect to help you plan the house, as well as get it through the planning stages.

Glass It

Glass It

Glass isn’t a new trend but it is becoming increasingly popular, especially as it is proving to be better at insulating than many standard building materials.

Glass also has the advantage of allowing more light into your home, potentially reducing your reliance on electric lights and helping you to conserve energy.


Using products that have been reclaimed or recycle is a very popular building trend and one that is likely to continue to grow. Public awareness of climate change is at an all-time high, it’s essential to cater to these people by building a home that considers what is best for the planet.

This means potentially using hay for the walls or installing solar panels.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels
Creating energy directly from the sun is now something that happens on 50% of houses across the country and this is a trend that is set to continue. If you add solar panels into a house build the extra cost is negligible and yet, it will give you much of the energy needed to run your home.

Moving Outdoors

Most families enjoy spending time outdoors. Whether it’s a drink in the hot tub, breakfast on the veranda, or a barbeque for all your friends, a modern house needs to have an outside entertaining area.
While decking has been seen as a necessity for several years, the latest trend is to add outdoor kitchens and even create an outdoor room.

Home Offices

The internet is making it possible to work from home. This means that the modern house needs to have a separate office area and good connectivity. Although this is an easy addition it is something that is being created in new residential designs to ensure the modern home fits the needs of the modern family.
Home Offices


It seems likely that the current trend for smaller projects will continue, the desire for large multi-occupancy buildings has faded thanks to the housing crash which is still ongoing.

Modern smaller scale project is linked with improvements in the area, making them much better for the living standards of everyone in the area.


It seems highly likely that technology in new builds will continue to improve. The latest round of residential design is likely to revolve around the smart home, the necessary infrastructure will need to be in place in the home and there is likely to be a desire for energy monitoring devices.

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