Luxury Home Upgrade: Top 6 Ways to Make It a Million Dollar Home

Anyone who appreciates quality and stylish décor in their home and wants to make it lavish is always on the hunt for some amazing luxury additions to their home. These luxury renovations and additions can really spice up your living style, and they can significantly increase the value of your home as well. Some options for home improvement can also be surprisingly cost-effective, especially when you consider the return on investment. Here we have prepared a list of upgrades and additions that you can make to your home to get you one step closer towards making it a million dollar home.

Add a Home Gym

Add a Home Gym

An amazing way to add both design and convenience to your house is making a home gym or a designated exercise space with some simple exercising equipment. You should have at least a treadmill, some mats for yoga and other exercises and some weights at your home gym. To make the gym look more luxurious, add full-size mirrors on one of the walls, this will make the area look more open and bigger than it actually is. You can also add plants and greenery in the gym to make it appear more fresh and welcoming.

Another great option is to make your home gym near some large windows to get a lot of natural light in the area. You should also add some speakers and a TV in this area so that you don’t get bored while exercising.

Add a Hot Tub

Add a Hot Tub
Adding a hot tub can instantly make any home more luxurious. Hot tubs can significantly increase the value of your house, especially if you don’t have a pool or water view. And even if you’re not looking to resale the house, for now, a hot tub is a great addition to the house, and you will really appreciate it when you come back home tired after a long day at work.

One of the most common questions I hear about hot tubs is that what the hot tub Jacuzzi difference is. Well, the answer is absolutely nothing. Jacuzzi is actually a brand of hot tubs. Though the terms are not interchangeable, but both Jacuzzis and hot tubs are almost the same things. The term Jacuzzi became famous because they were the first brand to add water jets and massage systems to hot tubs. Many other hot tub brands have also done the same since but none of them competes with Jacuzzi. So it doesn’t matter much if you add an ordinary hot tub or a Jacuzzi in your home, but a Jacuzzi is more lavish and comfortable.

A Stocked Kitchen with a Wine Cellar

A Stocked Kitchen with a Wine Cellar
A well-stocked kitchen with a lot of space to move around is an essential part of any luxury home. According to a design article in Forbes magazine, a commercial grade kitchen with a lot of restaurant quality appliances is a necessity when it comes to building a million dollar home.

Your luxury kitchen should also have a wine cellar and a walk-in pantry for storage. The wine cellar shouldn’t only be a dark space to store and age wine; it should be more of a showpiece. Wine cellars add a lot to the value of your house, and a properly designed wine cellar with glass shelves and good lighting adds a very unique touch of luxury into your house.

An Amazing Patio

An Amazing Patio
The backyard of a million dollar home should be like an extension to the living space. You should upgrade your patio to add a barbeque area and an outdoor kitchen with wooden floors and a lot of plants to make it look more luxurious. You can also add a swimming pool to your backyard, which will instantly increase the value of your home.

A Spa Bathroom

A Spa Bathroom
A spa bathroom or a luxury bathroom with proper designing is an essential part of any million-dollar home. To make a bathroom luxurious, it should, of course, have a lot of space to move around, huge showers with head to toe water jets, heated floors, a stylish bathtub and amazing lighting. A luxurious spa bathroom will increase the value of your property, but it will also make your day to day life more comfortable.


If you want to increase the value of your home and improve your lifestyle, then you should definitely look into smart home automation and add a lot of tech into your house to make it a home of the future. This will allow you to control your home with voice commands, and it can make your life significantly more comfortable while making your home more exciting at the same time.

I hope this helps you out. Let us know in the comments below!

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