10 Tips in Choosing a Good Plumber

The tricky dynamics of plumbing are enough to frustrate any layman. Whether your toilet is on the fritz or your water pressure is low, you should always consult a professional when plumbing problems arise. If you reside in the Indooroopilly area, consider making Brisbane Northside Conrad Martens your first port of call. If you can’t employ our services, don’t despair. Below are some pointers on how to select a choice plumber that embodies the same level of professionalism and expertise we boast.

Ask For Referrals

If you have a friend or family member who’s used these services before, don’t shy away from asking for their opinion. They’ll be candid with you because they have nothing to lose by volunteering their straightforward viewpoint. Best of all, you can trust that they’ll steer you in the best direction. Every company upsells their products and services in hopes of amassing more business, and in an effort to ensure that this isn’t hot air, it’s wise to ask around.
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Gauge Their Competence

A simple visit to a plumber’s website will show you whether or not they take pride in their craft. If they’re a reputable company, their site will be a treasure trove of accolades and testimonials. One telltale sign of a proficient plumbing company is their attire. Preferably, they’ll have a uniform or branded hat they don. In the corporate realm, appearance is key. If it appears that they couldn’t care less about their image, you can be sure that they aren’t interested in making a good first impression.

Look For A License

Any plumber worth their salt is licensed and insured. In addition to this being the savvy approach to business affairs, it also guarantees that you’re not responsible for any damages. In essence, you absolve yourself of any liability caused by their mishaps. In a perfect world, matters will unfold swimmingly. However, accidents do occur, and you don’t want to be held accountable should things go amiss. With that said, it’s vital that you partner with a plumber that’s insured and licensed.

Get To Know Their Personality

Get To Know Their Personality
When inviting a stranger into your home, you want to be sure that they’re friendly and trustworthy. A decent plumber will possess an air of civility. Anything less should be taken as a sign that they’re ill-mannered. Above all else, you’ll find solace in knowing that the plumber you’ve hired is working in your best interest. If all you have is a phone call to discern their demeanor, take their conversational skills into great consideration.

Check Their Availability

If a plumbing fiasco rears its ugly head, you’ll want to have a plumber that offers around the clock services. While this may seem like a tall bill to fill, any reasonable plumber will understand the importance of getting a leak repaired promptly. If they render these emergency services, you can bet they uphold world-class customer service.

Perform A Background Check

These days, the internet is an all-knowing mastermind. One simple web search will provide a wealth of information on a person or company. Don’t forego this present-day perk when scouring the market for a reliable plumbing service. Check the Better Business Bureau for a comprehensive overview of the business in question. If there are secrets the company is hiding, you can rest assured that they’re waiting patiently to be discovered online. When attempting to find a trusted plumber, the internet is your best friend.

Stress The Importance Of Punctuality

If a plumber fails to show up on time, it’s obvious they have no regard for your schedule. Scheduling setbacks are bound to happen, but it’s imperative that you remain in the know about late arrivals. That’s just good business. In the hopes of hiring a prompt plumbing team, make sure they offer and abide by appointment times. If they aren’t upfront about their on-time assistance policies, they likely don’t put a premium on punctuality. After all, time is of the essence, and you don’t want to spend all day waiting around for an unreliable plumber.

Review Their Estimates

Review Their Estimates
If you’re like most, you probably have little to no insight on plumbing expenses. How are you to know how much a pipe costs to replace? An unsavory company will capitalize on your naivete, but a well-respected business will be transparent about their fees. Typically, you’ll be given an estimate. Pore over the details of this estimate with your plumber to guarantee they aren’t deceiving you. For added peace of mind, consider getting a second professional opinion.

Opt For The Warranty

If the plumber you’re considering doesn’t offer a warranty, you’d better run for the hills. Not only does this mean they don’t stand behind their work, but it means that you’re expected to answer for any unforeseen damages as well. Corporations that are confident in their abilities are enthusiastic about their warranty policies. Some even offer free services if their results were deemed unsatisfactory. If this option is available, you should undoubtedly opt for it.

Assess Their Expertise

How many years have they been in the industry? Do they offer an extensive line of services? Are there commendations to show for their merit? These are all questions you’ll want to contemplate when evaluating the skills of a potential plumber. More often than not, you won’t have to put in any legwork. If a plumber is credentialed, seasoned, and knowledgeable, they’ll list these attributes on their website.

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