The Challenges of Residential Life for Students

Heading off to college, moving from your parent’s house to a campus dorm, and preparing for the next stage of your life can be as exciting as it is exhausting. There’s a lot of info out there that can prepare you for college life, but not a lot of literature on the challenges you might face in your new living situation.

Before you move into your new residential college room, take some of these possible situations into consideration. The more prepared you are, the easier your transition will be.

Housing Responsibilities

What happens when plumbing goes awry or lighting fixtures fail? Who’s responsible? Doesn’t the school have a janitor for these types of issues?

Every college and university is different, and your residential situation might cause a shift in responsibilities. Whether it’s ultimately up to you or the school, having a list of repair services at your disposal will come in handy.

Imagine that your sink bursts a leak, slowly flooding the floor of your room. Would you rather wait while your belongings are damaged, or would you find it more helpful to give a handyman at Plumbing Fix a call? Make sure to read over your school’s residential agreement beforehand so you know what to do in a worst-case scenario.

Balancing Life and Work


One of the toughest, yet least talked about, challenges students face is balancing their busy schedules with work. While some might be fortunate enough to only focus on school, others require part or even full-time jobs to stay afloat during these years. Finding time to study for finals, work 40 hours, and maintain a social life can seem impossible at times.

The best thing you can do is make a weekly schedule, updating it with further assignments throughout the week. Planning things out in advance will help you find the time to relax between your obligations, as well as stay on top of your job and studies. It might sound like a simple task that could be easily skipped, but you’d be surprised at how big of a difference visualizing your week can make.

Avoiding the Mundane

You probably have big plans to make your new space reflect your individual personality. After reading your residential living agreement, you might find out that not all of your ideas are considered “kosher” by the school. It’s a bummer, but there are ways to turn that boring old room into something unique.

Spicing up your living space is the perfect way to avoid the routine/mundane feeling that often comes with such a rigorous and monotonous schedule. Schools are usually okay with anything added to a wall, making items like wall mount lanterns or posters an excellent way to go. Plus, adding in some extra light can help for those all-night study sessions.

Dealing With Your RA

Dealing With Your RA
Every now and again, you might find yourself butting heads with the local RA (residential assistant). Students who want a hassle-free experience should get on their RA’s good side as soon as possible, then follow whatever guidelines are set in place.

Chances are, your RA is going to be a laid back individual who has just as much work to do as you do. Make it a respectful two-way street, and your residential life will be easy living during your college years.

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