10 Lime Green Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Zesty And Fresh

Decorating and painting projects can sometimes be overwhelming. It takes planning, money, and patience. Sometimes the scariest part is not knowing what the end result will look like. So, you step out in faith. If you’re doing it yourself, you hope and pray that it all turns out well. But not to worry I had collected some of the amazing inspiration you must follow when you doing it yourself.

Decorating Ideas for Lime Green

Traditional Bedroom

Spring-green walls offer a terrific backdrop to the coral-pink-accented textiles in this pretty bedroom.


Use It Your Bathroom

Swap your shower curtain – There is no better (or easier) way to uplift a tired bathroom than with a brand-new shower curtain. This printed lemon and lime design is zesty and fresh and, along with the striped mat and pretty curtains, adds a cheery note.


Zip-Up Tents In Traditional Patio

Lime-green fabric is an unexpected departure from the usual white canvas and helps give this backyard Bohemia a piquant presence, while the wood framework echoes the color of the furniture. You don’t expect to see a daybed outside, but in this case, it does a great job of preserving sight lines from the sofa — and offers a great spot in which to stretch out for a nap.


Frame long windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are sometimes difficult to tackle with curtains, particularly if the windows are narrow. The wrong curtains can obscure this beautiful feature and close up the room, not to mention the complexities of not being able to reach the top of the curtains. Simple curtains in a bold color falling from a rod are a great solution.

Frame long windows

Lime-green textured wallpapers

Hang artworks above it – In this eclectic abode, the unusual retro sideboard has become the focal point thanks to two bright bovine Warhol prints hung above. The tray of colorful drinks and juices adds to the pop art effect, and a special mention must also go the fabulous lime-green textured wallpaper.

lime-green textured wallpaper

Lime-green ceiling

This one is among the bedrooms, so parents can keep an eye on children instead of segregating them in the basement. The walls are scribbleworthy, thanks to chalkboard paint. The lime-green ceiling with lime green curtains and Bubble Chair knockoff add whimsy to the kid-friendly environment.

Lime-green ceiling

Pink bed and a Lime green dresser For Kids Room

How else are you going to bring together lavender walls, a bright pink bed and a lime green dresser? With a brighter-than-bright floral rug from Missoni, of course.

Pink bed and a Lime green dresser For Kids Room

Colorful stairs

This is an amazing way to make your living space spectacular and very fresh. You can use any bright color for your stair spiral staircase but lime just gels best with white and brown. Also using bright colors such as lime on a staircase is very smart choice as it gives good visibility in low lights old also easy to recognize for week eyesight persons.

Colorful stairs

Lime with muted grey

Some color theorists consider grey the pure neutral, and this makes it the perfect choice to pair with bright or even fluorescent accents. Pull out lime highlights in lamps, light fittings, cushions and tabletop accessories.

Lime with muted grey

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