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Teeny Tiny Space: Why Storage Hacks Are Essential?

Not everyone lives in mansions with massive rooms and endless storage space; storage for most of us, is a hassle, and we have to make creative solutions to those problems. Here are a few ways you can optimize different areas of your house and get the most out of the space available.

Bedroom Storage Hacks

Bedroom Storage Hacks

1) Install shelves all around the bedroom walls

If you’re looking for easy and relatively cheap ways of storing that clutter, then installing shelves around the walls of your bedroom is a good way to go. While this little storage trick is much better used when your bedroom has relatively higher walls, but it can still be effective even with lower walls.

Bedroom Small Space shelves walls

It’s important to note that shelves are usually good for flatter objects, rounded objects can end up falling on your head, so be careful of that.

2) Use the radiator as shelf space

Radiators are important, and we really can’t live without them for like five months of the year, we might as well use them as a mean of storing stuff.

Bedroom Small Space radiator as shelf space

Build yourself a radiator shelf or buy a cover, it’s always a good idea. Not only for safety, but also for aesthetic. If you attach some shelving to the side too, you can get extra storage space out of that too.

3) Buying a bed frame with drawers

For smaller rooms, the bed may be the biggest thing inside. In fact, getting a bed frame with drawers will open up the room intensely; and the fact that you will have everything accessible right under you is a great convenience.

Bedroom Small Space bed frame with drawers

You can store all sorts of things there, this includes clothes, files, movie collections, and comic books, whatever.

Bathroom storage hacks

bathroom small space storage

1) Install a high shelf

High shelves are great, they help you make the most of the walls in your bathroom, all the while adding greatly to the chic-factor. It’s a great way to store toiletries on-site.

bathroom small space high shelf

The best part, it’s relatively inexpensive and there are tons of customization options; throw on a few baskets on the shelf and you have ever more container space available on-hand.

2) Shelf mirror/cabinet
bathroom mirror with cabinet
Instead of having a separate mirror and cabinet, go for a two-in-one mirror and cabinet combo. This is great for smaller spaces and when you open it up, there is a cabinet right inside! Store your beauty products or toiletries inside. You can always get inspiration from others like the famous bathroom cabinets in Sacramento, so get the ones that fit you best.

Living Room Storage Hacks

Living Room Small Space Storage

Hidden Sneaker Rack
Living Room Hidden Sneaker Rack
Not everyone desires their shoes on screen for the complete world to see but locating the perfect safe-keeping solution for your shoes and favorite pumps can be hard. Hide your jogging shoes and work boots in a concealed shoe rack such as this to remain organized as well as your living space stylish.

Basket storage
Living Room Basket storage
Baskets will probably be your BFF as it pertains to hiding muddle. Use a storage space solution that makes it possible for you to cover up every day, like toys, trip decoration, and accessories.

Kitchen storage hacks

Kitchen Small Space Storage

Not enough cabinets? Use shelves instead!
Kitchen Small Space Shelves Ideas
Have an empty wall and never enough storage? Well, installing shelves is an easy, yet inexpensive way of storing all that kitchen clutter. While cabinets are a way to go, shelves are open and can store tons. They also have the great price to storage ratios.

Make the most out of the cabinet sides
Kitchen Small Space cabinet sides
Cabinet sides are just another place of putting on racks and storing items on. It’s a neat little way of making the most out of your kitchen space.

At the end of the day, these life hacks are great for anyone looking to make their bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen storage optimized. Its so great that our physical spaces are being optimized but what about our digital ones? You could use cloud storage, however for personal use this can get pretty pricey as you would also need to use a business like in order to secure all of your data,

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